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More or Less

Each year, at the beginning of Ali Edwards' One Little Word project, we explore our "word" . . . kind of inside-out.  I always appreciate this exercise.  It helps me connect with my word in multiples ways -- and it helps me think through my intentions for the year.

IMG_4076 copy

One of my favorite thought-exercises is coming up with a list of what we want to do . . . More or Less . . . during the coming year.  Here's my list:

More -- Reflection/Less -- Reaction

More -- Kindness/Less -- Indifference

More -- Saying NO/Less -- Obligation

More -- Risk-taking/Less -- Perfection

More -- Connection/Less -- Complaining

More -- Engagement/Less -- Apologizing

More -- Self-care/Less -- Sacrifice

More -- Simple/Less -- Fussy

More -- Going For It/Less -- Excuses

More -- Strength/Less -- Taking the Easy Way Out

More -- Mindfulness/Less -- Worry

More -- Action/Less -- Sitting on the Sidelines

More -- Doing/Less -- Scrambling

More -- Learning/Less -- Assuming

More -- Water/Less -- Sugar

Give it a try!  This kind of list is fun to put together . . . AND . . . it really sets the stage for how you want to live the rest of the year.


(By the way, that drawing is one of my own.  Colored pencil.  Rocks on my meditation table.)



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Wonderful list and beautiful drawing. I have a little stack of rocks like this on a shelf near my bedroom that I can touch and balance as the mood strikes. I am a lover of rocks.


Love your rocks and drawing! We always bring back "good rocks" from our travels so I have baskets of them around the house. I might have to play with them a bit while I ponder my own more/less list. Definitely more simple and less reaction!


Beautiful drawing - and this list is equally beautiful. XO


What a great drawing!! And a terrific list.


We're rock collectors too...we've got some pretty special ones. I love your list so much that I've printed it out and put it near my desk at work. I think it's an excellent reminder of how to live better. More water / less sugar!


Love the more/less exercise. And your list is definitely inspiring. Your rock "pile" rocks!


I had a feeling the drawing was yours. You truly made your word you're own.


Love your is a good exercise. And your drawing of your cairn is lovely - very peaceful.


Awesome! I think you've find the key to balance.


Thank you for sharing this exercise and your peaceful drawing. I'm going to compose my own more/less list tonight. I think it would do me good. Keep smiling!


I love this exercise - and the yin/yang is such a great tool to explore balance. Two of your Lesses - perfection and apologizing are speaking to me right now. I look forward to seeing where your list takes you. also, very cool drawing!

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