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Living with Intent

Every year, in January, I come up with a list of intentions to guide me through the year ahead.

I don't consider them resolutions or even goals.  Just . . . intentions.  Ways I want to live.  Ways I want to BE.

And I try to distill them down to just two or three words.  So they're simple and concise -- and open to interpretation (re-interpretation?) as the year unfolds.  Here's my list for 2017:


Now that I've been living with these intentions for a few weeks, I wanted to take a close look at them again -- as a review, and to see if I wanted to make any adjustments to my list.

I think they're good, though.  I can already feel them taking root; guiding my thoughts and actions.

I'm off to good start . . . at living with intent!


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I look forward to your list of yearly intentions, as you have a way of putting into words the overall needs and deeds for the coming year.


I love how clearly you put things into perspective in just two or three simple words. Every one of these is excellent and I thank you for sharing!


I think you already that stuff pretty well. I love your intentions and think you are incredibly wise.


Your thoughts and intentions are always well said and taken to heart!


I think "Be Less Sorry" is one of the best. Women especially spend too much time apologizing.


I second the "Be Less Sorry" one for the same reason.


The list of intentions would not mean much if one doesn't revisit them! Kudos to you!


your lists always inspire me - 2017 is no different - thank you! Like the others, I love Be Less Sorry, but Develop Rituals captured my heart. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!


Perfect! Challenging yet doable! May your intentions grow to those around you !

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