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Hello, February: A Mash-Up

Today is Thursday.  Which means . . . Think Write Thursday.  

But today is also February 2.  Which means . . . Silent Poetry Day.  (Actually, I don't know that Silent Poetry Day is actually A Thing in blog-land anymore; but it is for me.)   

(It also means Groundhog Day.  But I don't care about that so much.  Because winter is winter until it is spring -- whether a groundhog sees its shadow or not.)

So . . . let's see if I can manage a Think Write Thursday/Silent Poetry Day Mash-Up.


Hello, February.

Welcome!  I'm a big fan.


Well, for starters, you're Not January.  January is just so . . . long.  And bleak.  So dark.  

I celebrate your shortness.  
I celebrate the broken resolutions of the January People. (I know this isn't nice.  But it's true.)  
I celebrate the daylight, creeping in, ever-so-slowly, on your watch.  
I celebrate your color - red.  (One of my favorites.)
I celebrate your hearts.  And chocolate.  And a special day of love, right in your middle.

Speaking of love . . . 

Let's have a poem.  Because you, February (a month so focused on all things LOVE), appreciate poetry more than any other month.  N'est-ce pas, Février?

I Take Master Card
(Charge Your Love to Me)

by Nikki Giovanni

I've heard all the stories
'bout how you don't deserve me
'cause I'm so strong and beautiful and wonderful and you could
never live up to what I know I should have but I just want to let you know:

I take Master Card

You can love me as much as your heart can stand
then put the rest on
account and pay the interest
each month until we get this settled

You see we modern women do comprehend
that we deserve a whole lot more
than what is normally being offered but we are trying
to get aligned with the modern world

So baby you can love me all
you like 'cause you're pre-approved
and you don't have to sign on
the bottom line

Charge it up
'til we just can't take no more
it's the modern way

I take Master Card
to see your Visa
and I deal with a Discovery but I don't want any American Express
'cause like the Pointer Sisters say:  I need a slow hand


So.  Hello, February!  Let's have a good time.


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When I was working February was such a fast month. As soon as Presidents'' Day came so to came our February vacation. We barely started the month and it was over. March stretched out long especially with the standardized testing the first two weeks of the month. Now I just embrace February for its sweet treats and brighter days!


You did a great job of mashing up these two topics. If Kat and I had remembered the silent poetry thing we would have used that as our theme. Too bad we missed out on it.


Bring! It! On! And thanks for that most awesome poem!


I think you managed a mashup perfectly! I've only read a few Nikki Giovanni poems, and I'm especially glad for this one. Exceptional!


I am also happy that this is a short month!! And, that poem - lol! I laughed! XO


Such a fun post! Great mash up.


All the reasons you've stated are why I love February, as well as the mid-month exit of inversion season! I've been reading Wendell Berry (thank you, Mary) and I found a poem that spoke my heart. If only I'd had time to share it.


Love the mashup! the poem is exceptional ... another new-to-me poet and thank you!


Great mashup and fabulous poem!

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