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Dear Elizabeth Warren,

You are my hero.

Really.  It's that simple.

You are brave!  You are smart!  You are savvy!

You are not afraid to speak out, ask tough questions, demand answers, and insist on being heard.

You are awesome!

You keep right on persisting, Senator Warren.

With love,

Your Biggest Fan


And . . . you might be interested in reading this excellent article with handy tips and wisdom about getting out of the cycle of outrage in a Trump world.  It's really worth the read -- and provides great insight for all of us right now.


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She's the best. I called her office just yesterday to thank her for what she's doing. And I saw a link to that article this morning on Facebook. You're right, it's good.


Excellent letter!! And, yes - she is excellent! And, now she has the privilege of joining a long line of persistent women!


Senator Warren is so deserving of a love letter, for being persistent and reminding all of us to do exactly the same thing. On Tuesday as this was happening, I wondered how she had managed not to just go home, drink, and crawl under the covers, especially as she has been told by many men to sit down and shut up over the years. I think your linked article may help me to better understand and definitely do something about my own too-constant state of rage. Thank you!


EW...Massachusetts pride and joy! And thank-you for that article. I read the whole thing and as usual I agree with Arianna!

Barbara S

Thanks for the link...great article. Yes....we need more Senator Warrens.


She has long been my hero and the last few days have proved once again how amazing she is. Thank you for writing a beautiful love letter to her. She is our hope!!


I am so grateful to (that scumbag) McConnell for giving us this most excellent gift. Speaking of which, check out my friend Cara's recent post/gift:


Awhile back, I was not all that fond of Sen. Warren. But once she started speaking with/for Hillary - and now, with all that she has said and done - I'm a big fan!

Great article also - thanks for linking us up to it!

Linda in VA


woot! #shepersisted (I do think McConnell has something up his sleeve, but still love to see the lady doing her thing!) and I really enjoyed - and passed along - the huffington post article. thank you for sharing!


I am so with you on the Elizabeth Warren love. Her passion for justice and her fire when she calls out wrong doing is an inspiration for all us girls lol.

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