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Finding the Good

It's Friday.  Let's get to the good stuff!

Like . . . kicking back with a cup of tea and some poetry.


Enjoying a lovely amaryllis bloom.


And moments of real, actual sunshine!


Have a great weekend.  Keep searching for the good!


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We have sunshine but lots of snow and cold! Here's to the weekend!


Here's something good: We've gained :20 minutes of daylight in the last week!!
Happy weekend!


Sunshine - more minutes of daylight - unanimously wise judiciary - so much good to celebrate today!


Oh that sunshine is a welcome sight! Enjoy the weekend Kym! xo


I'm sitting here admiring my knitting in the sunshine and it's wonderful! Thanks for sharing the good in your life; I want to sit in that lovely rocker and drink tea out that beautiful mug. Enjoy it all!


Such pretty pictures and such wonderful light in them! I like your choice in poetry books. And, enjoyed your post yesterday even though I didn't comment (was only on my phone - not a computer all day). Here's to a joyful, beautiful weekend - enjoy!!


We need these moments away from our anxiety about politics and insanity going on. I'm going to go make a cup of tea! And, my sis is coming over so we can enjoy margarita Friday! Have a great weekend!


Yes, the GOOD! We must embrace it! It is the weekend, for that I am grateful. I plan to enjoy it to the fullest! Looks like you're going to enjoy yours, too! xo


lovely photos and great thoughts for the weekend - thank you! (also - LOVE that chair cushion - my LYS is trying to bring back the granny square ... yours is the one that just might tempt me)

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