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February. It's the New April.

I can't even . . . with this weekend.


Record-breaking warmth.


Almost flip-flop weather.

Rather unnerving . . . to be out in the garden.  

In February.


Totally unexpected . . . to be driving around with the sunroof open.

In February.


So surprised . . . to be throwing together impromptu snacks-on-the-patio.

In February.


And yet . . . here we were.


(It's the new April.)


We interrupt this blog post to bring your this special NEWS FLASH!!!

These two . . . 


(today celebrating 7 years of "coupledom") announced this . . . 


It's Breaking News, people:  Erin and Keith are engaged!  

(Isn't that a fun way to start the week.)



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What a wonderful way to start your week! Congratulations to the lovely couple! And to the parents as well.


I thought the odd yet welcome warmth was the big news, but the engagement of Erin and Keith is much more wonderful! Congratulations to all! (Inquiring minds now want to know if you'll be knitting for this wedding ...)


What a gorgeous ring! Fun, fun, fun. And, yes, the weekend was amazing weather-wise. And this week is supposed to be gorgeous too. It's almost ridiculous - lol.


February is the new April apparently! And, how exciting for Erin and Keith!! Congratulations!!


Spring in February--bah humbug! Although the snow in the mountains is wonderful--great for the skiers and the summer water availibility. Congratulations to the happy couple--the ring is very striking and so are the beautiful couple.


Wow, oh wow! How wonderful! LOVE the ring and Erin's smile! (I'll bet your smile is extra big today, too!)
We have mixed up weather almost monthly. Today rain, tomorrow snow, the next day 60!


Sooo happy for Erin & Keith! And yay! Another wedding to plan! Our weather was similar here but we had some wind along with it so it wasn't pleasant enough for outside cocktails and snacks, plus our lawn chairs still have snow on them!


What a weekend! We were able to soak up the sun both days on the porch. With cocktails and snacks. And mucho congratulations to Erin and Keith! What wonderful news. xo

Linda Huson

We've had 3 days of lovely warmish weather! I'm enjoying getting out for my walks (which I need to do soon as I can pull myself off of this computer)!!

Congrats to Erin and Keith! I love love LOVE the ring!

Linda in VA


What wonderful news.
All good wishes to Erin and Keith! And, what a beautiful ring!


Congrats to the couple! And please send some of that blue sky out here - we are soaking wet.


That's so wonderful!! Congratulations to Erin & Keith!!

I am enjoying the weather, of course, but also finding it a bit unnerving. And poor Jun... he's been having so much fun playing outside! The later part of this weather week is going to be downright rude.


Best wishes to the happy couple! (are you going to get a wedding this time ;-) ... and I'm so glad you're making the most of the lovely weather. A little bit of Georgia come to visit!


Congrats to the couple. And I like your Buddha too ;-)).

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