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Another Friday . . . Another Amaryllis

It's Friday.  The end of a hectic week.  

In fact, things were so hectic around here that I nearly missed this amaryllis bloom.


Meet Rosy Star.  

Lovely -- but . . . a very, very short bloom-time.  Which was pretty disappointing, actually.  All the buds on both stems opened up at nearly the same time -- and then only lasted a couple of days.  I've never had an amaryllis "go" that quickly!

Oh, well.

A bright spot while it lasted!



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Good thing Rosy is so unique and pretty or I might think less of her for that short bloom time. I do love that central bit of green and smudges of pink, and she certainly has plenty of pollen! Glad you didn't miss her short show!


She's quite fetching! Reminds me of Doug's lilies. Have a nice weekend Kym! xo


Pretty! I too prefer a more prolonged bloom time.


Those kisses of pink! Wow - that is beautiful!! (and that is about my favorite shade of green)

Have an awesome weekend XOXO


Beautiful photo of that flower! I love the subtle color! I read once that cut amaryllis flowers last longer...


What a gorgeous bloom. Glad you caught it since it was so short-lived.


What a special bloom. Love the white with a touch of purple! Happy weekend!


I love that green center - it's lovely. I found out today that the one I have in bloom right now is called Apple Blossom. All 4 blossoms opened within a few days of each other and right now it's still going strong. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


Short and sweet, and beautiful, too.


Pretty pink shading. Did this come from White Flower farm?


oh, that little bit of blush ... LOVE!

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