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Generally speaking, I am not a Procrastinator.

What I am . . . is a Just-in-Timer.

I tend to get all the things I need to get done . . . done.   Always on time.   (Although sometimes right at the buzzer.)

So I may tell you all that I'm "needing to get started on my taxes."  
(Which is true.)  
But.  When are taxes due?  
(Yeah.  April 15.)  
Do I need to do them right now?  
I can guarantee you, though, I'll have my taxes finished and submitted in early April.

Because if I need to do something . . . and if it has a specific time frame or a deadline . . . I WILL get it done.

The problem, you see, is the things I just kinda sorta WANT to do.  You know . . . those things that have no meaningful deadline attached to them.
Like . . . removing the wallpaper and then painting my dining room.
I WANT to do that.  I really do.
But . . . because I have no specific time frame or deadline . . . I haven't quite started yet.

My solution to the kinda sorta thing?
I set "pretend" deadlines for myself.
Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't.  But when I set a "pretend" deadline, the chances are much better that I'll actually get moving on a project.

That's why my house is looking its best . . . whenever I host my book group or have a party.
That's why my garden is weeded and freshly deadheaded . . . whenever we're having folks over for a drink on the patio.
That's why I take art classes . . . to get myself busy painting or drawing so I have something to contribute and show.

It's a sort of balance for me.
Make my task meaningful - and, better yet, give it a deadline (even a fake deadline) - and I will do it.
Left to flail about on my own, though?  It will slip right through the cracks!

(As for my dining room?  It's going to take a while.  So I'm going to say . . . I want my dining room re-finished and painted by next Thanksgiving!)


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Ha! I kinda sorta do the same thing. There are always things that one wants to do instead.


I set the exact same deadline with painting my dining room, but then Thanksgiving rolled around and I told myself we weren't going to be using the dining room after all and I hadn't specified in which year it would be painted by Thanksgiving. Which is why I still have primed spots and half-painted woodwork in the dining room. I suspect it's going to take the deadline of selling the house to get me to finish a bunch of painting. Wishing you more motivation and better results!


Something that doesn't have to be done by any time often doesn't get done at all, I completely agree. Think how great your dining COULD look, though and hopefully that will inspire you. My advice is do it now while it's crappy outside because if you put it off until later then you will want to be in the garden instead.


Oh yes! If we never had company, there would be so many things left undone. Hope you find the motivation to get going on that dining room.


I love this! Really LOVE THIS!

I personally believe that I work better under the pressure of a deadline! Yeah, right! LOL But, that's my story and I am sticking to it! XOXO


Haha. I'll watch for that dining room project to get underway... hm, October?? Truly, it's all about the motivation!


Nothing like company to get that work done! I was noticing the picking up that needs to be done and thank goodness there are people coming for pre-dinner cocktails on Saturday. And that dining room...March or October! :-)


I don't called it procrastination, I call it life. Maybe I need an intervention to get my basement pantry cleaned up.


So true, so true. And, a few extra days for you this year -- believe taxes are due the 18th!! (15th is a Saturday, 16th is Easter Sunday, 17th is Easter Monday...a holiday for some..., so Tuesday the 18th).


Probably the reason I do Knitsalongs - pretend deadlines.


You are in good company! One of the things I love about being "retired" is that I don't have deadlines. Well except for the taxes (I promised our accountant I'd have him everything this month...we'll see!)


I was going to comment yesterday, but I procrastinated. Seriously, it can be a problem and the "got it done but at the last minute" can get stressful!


Self-imposed deadlines work best for me too, especially if I have been at a project "too long" to even suit me. As for taxes: my accountant and I laugh...I always make the appt for "in April" - I see no reason to hurry up that little annual activity.
You'll enjoy your new DR for sure this Thanksgiving... will you bring in someone to do the cooking? [smile].

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