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Right Now . . . February 2017

A Date With . . . SCIENCE

Last night, Tom took me to the 75th anniversary celebration of the Kalamazoo chapter of the American Chemical Society.  


Yeah.  I didn't do so well on the trivia challenge.  But they had wine, so I was good!

The celebration was held at the Kalamazoo AirZoo - a unique and popular aviation museum here in town.  I was excited to go . . . because I have never actually been to the AirZoo.  (I know.  It's one of those wonderful community treasures that you send visitors to all the time . . . but never quite make it there yourself.)  Tom has been there; my dad has been there; my kids have been there.  But me?  Not until last night.  


It was a great venue for an event like this.  Guests could take in the museum, get a drink, and then gather for the dinner and presentations.


There are tasteful "rides" for kids, full motion flight simulators, and something called 4D Missions Theater.  (These last two came with the caveat that you might want to try them before dinner.  Yeah . . . no thanks; think I'll just skip those. . .)


There are really cool interactive "experiences" throughout the museum -- hands-on activities to explain flight concepts like air flow, lift, and circuitry.



And let's just say this . . . once a science-nerd, always a science-nerd!


Tom had fun exploring (playing?) at all the interactive stations -- but he especially loved launching rockets.

The big feature of the evening (and the topic of the guest speaker) was the SR-71B Blackbird (U-2 spy plane).  This is the plane that Gary Powers was flying when he was shot down in Soviet airspace back in 1960.


So . . . what did the AirZoo and the presentation about the spy plane have to do with chemistry?  Why . . . I can't really tell you.  Because it wasn't really clear that it DID have to do with chemistry!  It was just a fun, celebratory evening for science nerds!  (And the people who love them.)

Plus . . . swag!


Now we have commemorative, his-and-hers pint glasses to remember our date with science!

Have a great weekend.




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That sounds like so much fun!! I would have loved it and my brothers (all chemists and/or engineers) would have as well. Love your new pint glasses -- I have some beakers from my Dad that are similar to those on your glasses.


It's always so nice to "discover" places that we might pass by every day. A very impressive venue to celebrate science! One of my favorite subjects to teach though I did lean toward biology and the environment.


Fun night, pretty dress, wine and Tom. Doesn't get better than that! Have a wonderful weekend Kym! xo


Oh, how fun!! That spy plane looks so cool... chemistry-related or not!! *LOVE* the pint glasses. Happy weekend Kym!!


This sounds like a great evening, even if the connection between aviation and chemistry is a little nebulous! I went to an ACS dinner with John decades ago and it was sooo borrring ... they just droned on and on about chemistry (and none of the cool kind). Break in those pint glasses!


Your evenings looks like a great night out! I know nothing about chemistry and little about science, but the night really looks like a fun experience!


one of the planes appeared to be a WW11 vintage. Fun way to absorb some science information!


I get the whole science nerd thing - there was a post on Instagram about the Georgia Tech guy (PhD candidate in mathematics) who made sure the black boards on the Hidden Figures set were real "they were filming about space ... and the engineers (not the astronauts)" (my words) ... we need to get it however we can and kudos to Kalamazoo for the awesome venue!


It looks like a fabulous time - and especially with beverages!! lol

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