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Okay, Knitters.  It's time to take ACTION.

Get out your pink yarn.


And join the PussyHat Project!

Knit a hat for yourself . . . knit a hat for a marcher . . . knit a hat for your daughter . . . knit a hat for your friends.  Just . . . knit a pink Pussyhat.

You can read all the details on the PussyHat Project website, including information on where to send hats (if you're knitting for marchers).  There is also a Ravelry group.

Knitting . . . can be a powerful action.
Power in numbers.

Power in pink.
Power in individuality within large groups.
Power in handmade.
Power in pussy.

Okay.  Let's knit hats!


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I'm on it! WEBS yarn shipped yesterday. (Pink is hard. to. get.) Such a great way to unite!


I knit one of these hats last week and have sent it off to my sister who will be going to the march in D.C.


I finished mine last night! I will cast on another today to send off to a marcher! (And, I will be wearing mine all month!! While walking, while shopping, and while joining up with my local group who will be protesting on January 20th!!)


Hoping to find pink yarn tomorrow. If not I have a whack of pink to spin up and knit a few hats. Thanks for the reminder!


This has been on my list... time to get it on my needles!! Thanks!!


I'm currently knitting one for a friend who's marching; thanks for the reminder to knit faster!


This has been on my radar but I've been largely ignoring it. Thanks for the reminder to get on the stick.


Thanks for letting us know about this project. YES, I'll definitely be making one-or more!!


Sara will be at the march, but has refused a hat. I think I need to ask her again!


I just found out my niece is going, her university has arranged a bus for the students who are going! I've just started her hat and will send it to her before the march. Thanks for sharing the info about this project!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Yes! I was thrilled to see a local yarn shop suspiciously cleared out of pink yarns when they had a little sale last week.

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