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Tea for Two

I was almost 3 when my sister was born.  When my mom was in the hospital following her birth (for a whole week) , I stayed with my grandmother during the day while my dad was at work.  I got a few new bribes toys from my parents during that "New Big Sister" week -- to entertain me while I was at my grandmother's not-so-child-friendly house.  My favorite was a miniature Blue Willow china tea set.


I was allowed to play with my tea set as a child, so most of my original pieces were broken.  Over the years, though, I've picked up replacement pieces at various antique shops.  It remains one of my favorite things -- and a wonderful reminder of a happy childhood.

I'm pretty sure that my original Blue Willow tea set inspired my life-long love of adult-sized tea sets -- and tea parties.


Tea parties are so simple . . .

Tea.  Milk and sugar.  Something sweet.

Nothing much to fuss about and easy to throw together.


Tea sets hold memories.

The teacups above were my grandmother's -- part of her Godey's Lady's china collection.  My first cup of tea - ever - was served in one of these tea cups.  My grandmother was very generous with the milk and sugar -- and used actual sugar CUBES, which were just kind of magical to me when I was little.  The teacups below belonged to my great grandmother - part of her "wedding china."


Tea parties are old-fashioned.

Like most people, I tend to meet my friends "for coffee" these days.  But every once in a while, I invite a friend over for tea.  I may not actually say, "Come to my tea party."  But I still get out the tea set.  And serve a sweet treat.  And probably have a little flower arrangement for the table.


Tea parties are elegant.

It just feels kind of special to drink tea from a lovely tea cup.  Makes you kind of want to stick that little pinky finger right out, y'know?  Sometimes, it's just nice to treat yourself and your guests to the ritual of a tea party.  And besides, it gives you a chance to get out your grandmother's old silver tea service!*


Tea parties are intimate.

Guests feel pampered and a bit special at a tea party.  Conversations tend to be more personal, because it just feels easier to share confidences with a tea cup in your hand.


So, although today's Think Write Thursday topic is all about hosting a dinner party, I'm going to go rogue . . . and give a tea party instead.

I'll get out my cheery yellow tablecloth.

And use my Spode Blue Italian tea set.

I'll put together a simple little centerpiece.

And make Ina Garten's Lemon Yogurt Cake.

And who would I invite?

Why . . . 

Michelle Obama, of course! 

Sugar, Michelle?


* Which I will not be picturing.  Because it so desperately needs polishing.  (Maybe another day.)


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When my aunt went into assisted living my sisters and I were invited to come pick out a few things we might like. She had been a collector of teacups. Though none of us really wanted the cups I couldnt bear them going to goodwill. I snapped them up. They are now displayed along with a few of my mom's teacups in my dining room. I use them once a year at a tea party sponsored by my teacher sorority. I really need to do a cousins tea party!


I love everything about this post (especially that miniature Blue Willow tea set)! If I bake and bring some scones, and maybe even polish the silver, can I please come?


My mom used to have tea parties with Hannah when she was little. She would get something special from the bakery, a little cake or tart or something, and they would drink tea (with lots of milk and sugar for Hannah) and chat. Hannah has such great memories of those times and I'm glad since my mom died when Hannah was only 5. I think having Michelle over for tea is a wonderful idea! And yes, there is something special and elegant about drinking tea form a cup and saucer instead of a mug.


My Grandmother collected tea cups too but I've no idea what happened to them. (And she never served us tea.) My other grandmother served me a lot of very hot milk and sugar tea in her green and white regular tea cups. Such a lasting memory of my life. I think I started drinking tea at 2! And lucky Michelle! :-)


Oh my - they are all so beautiful!! Wow! I love these memories and I am pretty sure that Michelle would too! XO


Makes me recall tea parties with my grandmother. And I love, have almost an obsession with, teapots. I just love the shape. They cradle in the hand like the shape of an egg does. (Another obsession) Thank you for the lovely memories.


I loved your approach to Thursday writing--the tea sets are more than dishes--they are precious memories of beauty and women we love. Mrs. Obama was on my list along with my feisty grandmother and Gloria Steinem.


Oh yes! I'll do anything you need me to do to be on that guest list. Michelle was on my list, too, along with ER and EZ. Maybe we could teach Michelle to knit. :)


Your tea sets are beautiful! I have a few tea sets that cherish and use now & then. Michelle would be on my list, along with Eleanor Roosevelt and Vera Brittain.

Anni Z

I love this! I would love to have a tea party with you. You are so right, coffee is fine for casual conversations, but tea is meaningful. Very nice!


*sigh* Tea with Michelle sounds absolutely delightful! What a nice reminder, too, to use my teacups (and to polish my mother's silver tea service :-) ... I'm pretty sure I have one that matches your great grandmother's china pattern.


A tea party is a great idea! Love all those china tea sets!


Oh, beautiful!! Blue Willow is one of my favorites... reminds me of my mum, too.

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