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So Complicated

If your house was anything like my house back in 2002, this song was probably blasting from your kids' boomboxes all. the. time.  (Right up there with Pink's Get This Party Started and anything by N'Sync.)


As soon as I read through the cable chart for my latest knitting project, this "golden oldie" from Erin's middle school days popped right into my head!


Because 17 symbols in an 18-row chart is . . . well.  Complicated.

Plus . . . changing stitch counts.

And "borrowing" stitches from the next round.  (Sometimes 2; sometimes just 1.)

See what I mean?


But nice hat, huh?

I'm not so sure about the pompom, though.

I think I'll pull a Tom + Lorenzo here . . . 

IN or OUT?


I knit this hat as part of a quick-and-informal knitalong with Kat and Juliann.  Ravelry details here.



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I love the pom pom! IN! (also, great song analogy but now it's stuck in my head. thanks for that.)


Hm. I *LOVE* the colors together, but I think I'd like the hat better without the pompom. HAT=IN, POM=OUT! ;)


Love the hat and the intricate cableing--but the pompon has to go!

Note to self--"That sounded pretty rude, Miss Bossy Pants!"


I like the pompom because of the contrast. But I also think that anytime you question something, you should always go with your own first instinct.


Though that is one sweet pom pom (I've never made one...) I'm going with out. And I agree your instinct is telling you something.


I love the hat and those colors together, but I vote OUT with the pompom. For your next hat, maybe you can knit something less complicated using purple and turquoise together. I'm heading to Ravelry to look for some two-color patterns for myself!


I'd say pom IN - I like the contrast. And, perfect song choice for this hat - it is so complicated! I even had to put it in a wee bit of time out... never a good sign, but when it is a hat that is really sad! Also, I love your yarn choice! Rita is one of my favorite people, ever! XO


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pompom!! Perfect pompom! The hat looks great and well worth to trouble of 17 symbols! (IMO)


Keeping track of all those symbols is good brain training! Love the colors and the pompon! It's bold and speaks to the word Action!


Perfect pompon, but not a fan with this hat. The hat gets a huge two thumbs UP!

Julia in KW

That is one AWESOME Pom Pom...but not with the hat...I love the colours, but. They aren't a perfect match...I'm mit sure I could have stuck with the pattern. These days I think the complexity might have turned ,e away...but it looks great!

Julia in KW

(Clearly, I did not read my post before rushing off to dinner - my apologies for the atrocious spelling!)


I love the pom pom -- the colors together really sing -- or zing. However if pom pom's aren't "you" maybe a tassel would do? Pom poms are really "in" now, though. (writing this makes me feel like a character in the Series of Unfortunate Events) I'm strongly advocating doing SOMETHING to keep that wonderful blue there with the purple. Simplest way would be keep the pom pom.


I love the colors together and I really like topping the hat with a pompom, but I think the POP of yours is taking away from all those glorious cables. Great hat!


I'm a fan of the bunny puff.


I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one struggling with the symbols and fiddly-ness of this pattern! I love your finished product, I hope mine comes out as nicely!

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