Bloomin' Friday . . . Winter Edition
Action Tuesday: Awakening

Right Now . . . January 2017

Oh, January.  What a crazy month you have been!  

Gloomy pretty much every day, but not very winter-y.  

Filled with politics and protests and painting and packing.  

Heartache and hope.  

Memories and moving forward.

Can't say that I'm sad you're nearly over.  (But, really, I say that every January.)  (Sorry.  But you are not my favorite month.)


Here's what's happening in my world . . . Right Now:  


Watching . . . Movies.  Lots and lots of movies. Each year (as I've blogged about before), Tom and I try to see as many Oscar-nominated movies as possible before Oscar night.  This year, we have really outdone ourselves.  Let's just say that by the time the Oscar nominations were announced last week, we had already seen all but one of the Best Picture nominated movies!  And, after this weekend, we only need to see 4 movies (and all will be available to "rent" before the Oscars) to have Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress covered.  This is a first - it's kind of like getting a black-out in Bingo!  (Our favorites?  Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, and Lion.)

Reading . . . Well, lots of articles from the New York Times, the Washington Post, Atlantic, and the New Yorker, that's for sure!  When it comes to books, though?  I just finished A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.  Delightful, and . . . I must say -- this one will be hard to beat for my favorite of the year.  I also recently finished Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.  Right now, I'm reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith (in the ears) and The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey (in print).


Knitting . . . Well.  Not a thing.  I have Not One project on the needles at this moment.  I finally finished my Peace Project cowl (maybe I'll show you later this week), but I haven't cast on a new project quite yet.  (Thinking maybe these . . . or this.)  (Or maybe both.)  In the meantime, I got out my latest Alabama Chanin project, and I've been stitching away on that.

Humming . . . I saw La La Land on Christmas Day.  Since then, I have had this song just hanging there . . . on the edge of my consciousness.  All the time.  I can bring it up anytime I want.  (It's catchy, that's for sure.)

Practicing . . . I'm back in my watercolor class for the semester.  It's amazing to me . . . just how much paper I waste when it comes to watercolor!  But.  I like it!  And I'm just going to keep at it.  So, there.  (See little painting, above.)


Drinking . . . I have been trying really hard to drink more water these days.  Just plain, old, water.  I bought myself a 32 oz. glass water bottle, and I cart it around all day.  So far, just having that bottle with me . . . is working!  I'm drinking more water than usual.  (And, thanks to the new administration, I'm also drinking more wine than usual.) 

Planning . . . A little summer getaway with Tom.  Can't wait.  (There's nothing more soothing than planning a vacation, y'know?)

Celebrating . . . New digs for my dad!  By the time you read this post, we'll be loading up the moving van and transporting him to a new adventure -- right down the road.  It's been a lot of work -- but so worth it.  We're all ready for some settling-in -- and happy to have him near by.

And that's pretty much how things look for me here at the end of January.  What's going on for YOU . . . right now?