Friday Catch Up With Added Amaryllis-Watch Bonus
We The People


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GMTA... perfect quote and a beautiful photo.


Thanks for sharing these wise words.


So true.


I love this!

And wish people on FB could understand this! That we are speaking up for things that matter! I'm getting real tired of being called a pansy, a snowflake and a crybaby ! My brother actually said my life must be pretty boring because I continue to care about things! I told him - nope, for people who believe in doing good and doing right - are not boring - we are very exciting!

Linda in VA


If nothing else we are certainly motivated now!


yes, Yes and YES! I'm so glad we get to celebrate his wise and wonderful legacy THIS WEEK. My social media (which is just a few blogs and Instagram - and heavily curated ;-) is full of MLK Jr wisdom and I'm soaking up every single word. balm for the soul. and fuel for the fire.


Words to live by!


We are all passionate now and it must continue into the future. We will be heard!

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