Hey! January!
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Looking Back

As I mentioned the other day, there is nothing magical about turning the calendar to a new year.  The beginning of January does not erase current situations, ongoing projects, or existing problems.


There is something about the fresh start of a new year that brings reflection -- a summing up and moving forward kind of feeling.


For me, the beginning of a new year is a time to . . .




Where am I?  And where do I want to be heading?

Ideally, I'd do this reflecting before turning the calendar over to January.  Y'know?  To be ready to hit the ground running when the ball drops?  But that never seems to happen for me.  (I blame the hub-bub of the holidays.)  

So January . . . serves as my time of reflecting.

It's great to look back over the just-finished year -- to face last year's mistakes and disappointments; to leave guilt or despair behind; to get closure on projects or ideas; to assess what worked - and what didn't.

It's also a perfect opportunity to pause -- to just breathe; to allow my mind to wander; to read poetry; to clear some space for new thoughts and ideas.

All of this helps me gain perspective -- on who I am now, and where I want to head next.

And, although I don't really set any "resolutions" for myself, I certainly do set intentions -- for how I want to live and what I want to especially focus on during the upcoming year.

I guess it's a good thing January is so gloomy and long!  It gives me plenty of time to reflect. . .

Enjoy the weekend.





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I think January is better for this anyway. New Year's is still part of the holidays and we're all being merry and stuff. January is just right for reflecting and thinking about how we want to live going forward.


I want very much to slow the pace and breathe into reflection. I am working on taking one day at a time. That is work for me. Thanks for this lovely post.


That's what January is for - turning inward, thinking, planning, and meditating, so you know what directions you want to head in by the time February rolls around. I've got some busy weeks ahead, but am looking forward to some mindful moments around mid-month. Wishing you a warm and reflective weekend!


I feel a little ahead of things this year ... I'm typically working on intentions and plans well into January. But I agree with you and the other commenters that a beginning of year pause (and maybe even a reset or two) is a wonderful way to spend the gray, cold days this month. Hope your weekend is warm - at least on the inside!


Your thoughtful approach about reflection and intention for the new year are spot on. And the notion of giving more time to develop these makes sense! I think I have been on a similar track: your describing and defining is very useful.


I agree with you that January is an excellent month for review, reflection, and renewal. Setting the course for how to move forward - sometimes the best way to do that is in a steady, measured pace. XO

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