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That was pretty awesome!


Like many of you, I marched on Saturday.

I headed to Lansing - in the fog - with 3 of my friends.  We knew it was going to be BIG . . . when we arrived at our Park-and-Ride meet-up point here in Kalamazoo . . . and found the lot overflowing!  There were women meeting women everywhere -- but no places to park.  (We took the last available spots.)  


The Michigan March on Lansing organizers were hoping for 2,500 . . . and ended up with a crowd of about 9,000!

Here's a photo (not my photo, and unfortunately, I can't figure out who to credit) of the crowd gathering on the grounds of the capitol building.  Later in the day, we spilled out over the sidewalks and into the streets.


Lots of energy.

Lots of passion.  

And so many pink hats!

It really was inspiring to be part of this event.


And the signs?  Oh, they were the best!  Here are a few of my favorites . . .


And, several signs that are, sadly, especially poignant here in Michigan (because, yes -- the Flint water crisis is still very real) . . .


So much energy!

 It was wonderful to participate in solidarity with my daughter - marching in Pittsburgh, my sister - marching in Cheyenne, my daughter-in-law - marching in Denver, and all of YOU -- all around the the country . . . and the world! 




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YES! Great photos! Really fantastic! It was such an invigorating and uplifting day! XO


It was amazing seeing the size of the crowds! Thank-you to all of your family for marching this weekend!


You, your family around the country, and millions of women around the world (on all seven continents!) give me hope for our long fight ahead.


Beautiful! I sent the hat I knit to my niece, she received it in time to wear to Washington, I told her I felt like a small part of me was there with her. What an inspiring day !


So awesome. Thank you for sharing the photos and your thoughts on the day.

Cheryl S.

Way to go, you!
My cousin-in-law and her family were there too. Congrats to all who marched!


Your March looks marvelous and the weather looks like it cooperated beautifully! Way to go, to all who came out in support of our sisters! Our March/Rally is today, but it's pouring rain and windy enough to knock one off your feet! I'll give my support in other ways.


Thank you for marching for all of us! I watched it on tv! I cannot handle crowds! Altho, I think if I had had someone here to go into DC with me - I would have gone and hung out on the far fringes!!

Linda in VA


...vicariously adding Cheyenne and Denver to my list of marches - still tears me up to see all the photos - thank you!!


You go girl! I loved this post. You probably already know that the turnout here in Denver was huge--projections were 40,000 and it was at least 100,000...or more. There is no pink yarn to be had here! We have to fight the good fight!


Great photos! Seeing everyones photos has been so inspiring and gratifying! Thank you for marching for those who can't.


Fantastic! It was so amazing to watch it unfold all over the world... friends & family everywhere!

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