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Glide on the Peace Train

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Back in December - eager for peace - I climbed on board the Peace Train (aka Project Peace).  I got a bit waylaid for a while. . . busy with this, that, and another thing.  But, eventually, I got caught up.

Last weekend, I finally finished my peace cowl.


I'd say . . . just in time.

For out on the edge of darkness
There runs the peace train
Peace train take this country
Come take me home again

Glide on the peace train!

(Ravelry details here.)


PS -- Don't forget -- the Month of Letters begins today!  Let me know if you'd like a letter this month and I'll be happy to write to you. 


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Love your Peace Cowl and references to some classic 60's songs. They certainly are gaining a new relevancy. I finished mine just before heading to Boston to babysit and onto FL. It currently is lounging on my blocking board and won't see action until next fall.
After much thought I decided to join the Month of Letters. We will away from family and friends and this will give me a reason to stay in touch. Alas I left my address book at home but I'll figure it out. Would love to get and send a letter to you!


Oh I love your cowl - mine is not even cast on yet. Sigh. (also, fab earrings!)

I am going to attempt the Month of Letters, maybe we can write a note to each other?


I love your peaceful cowl, and especially your 4-row stockinette mod! I'm still working on mine, and while I like it, I've been thinking of another one in something softer and squishier, like a dk/sport alpaca I have in my stash. I am sooo tempted to cast one on with your mod and my stash yarn ... maybe after I write my first letter!


Oh, I love your Peace Cowl! And, now I will be clapping and singing all day! XO


Congrats on the FO! It's really pretty. Mine is definitely slated for wear next year! Happy Month of Letters! I hope to hear from you for sure! :-)


I love your Peace Cowl! I am very near the end of mine, only six more rows, so I just need to do it!


Love your cowl and the song you put with it. Perfection!! You know I will always love a letter and will always answer you, too!


Beautiful! Off to Ravelry to check out your details . . .


It's beautiful, Kym!! Congrats! I am way behind on mine but I keep plugging away -- even managed a few rows while on vacation.


Love it! And thank you for the Cat Stevens ear worm. :-)


Oh and yes to a letter. :-)


This is a beautiful cowl--so flattering. I definitely would love to get a letter. I will send my address. February love to you!


Your cowl turned out beautifully - love the styling with those earrings, too!

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