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I love to write letters.  

On stationery.  

With stamps.  

Sent through the regular mail.  

And then . . . I love to open my mailbox and find a reply.

For several years, during February, I have participated in the Month of Letters.


I know.  I know.  Letter writing is so . . . old school.  It's so easy now to send a text -  or an email - or share something on Facebook.  


I love the practice of writing letters.  There is something really special about opening an envelope -- and seeing someone's actual handwriting!  It's lovely, really.

So I spend each February resurrecting the old-fashioned art of letter writing.  I commit to writing and sending one note or letter each day in February (except on Sundays and President's Day . . . because no mail delivery).

Want to join me?


If you don't want to commit to the whole thing, maybe you'd like to receive a letter or note from me in February?  If so, please send me an email (see sidebar for my email link - right there, under the Instagram feed) and I'll be happy to write to you.  But . . . you've got to promise me one thing.  You have to write back!



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Great idea. Every year I think about it but I've yet to join in, maybe this is the year and on Tuesdays we should write to our representatives.


Whenever I read about people doing this, I always think that I should do it. Then I get lazy and forget about it. But this might be the year ...


I love this idea! And, yes - I will gladly join you. Carole has a great idea as well!


What a refreshing and welcome idea! I've written and called my representatives and will continue to do so, but the MoL invitation to "step away from the urgency of modern life and think about an audience of one" sounds like something I need to try for my well-being. And I have so many stamps to use ... maybe I'll write and tell you my stamp story!


I love this. Sometimes I complete the challenge completely and sometimes I fade out. End of the day...it's all good no matter how many because...letters are great! Here's to MoL!


This sounds so appealing but I do I have the discipline? Ned to think about that!


My pens, note cards, and stationary are set and ready to go!


I'm in this year! Really looking forward to participating again ... and to real mail!


I am in! I have done this in the past and it is really fun. Thanks for the reminder.


I love letters too. And would love to write to you. And would love to get a letter from you. But commitment to anything more than five minutes from now has become an issue for me. So thanks to your post (which I am late in reading - see commitment) I will at least CONSIDER writing to a very old friend. Ironically, she is a "visual" person and most likely will never write back. And that's okay. I will have added my energy to the letter-writing cause... If I do it. Sincerely yours, Chloe

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