Looking Back
Action Tuesday: Let's Read

Find the Good

"Find the good.  It's all around you.  Find it, showcase it, and you'll start believing in it."
                                                           ---  Jesse Owens

Okay.  So I've established that last year . . . was a pretty crappy year for me.  I've whined about it, I've complained about it, I've shed more than a few tears about it.  (Because it WAS crappy.)


There was also so much good in it.

I've decided . . . that's the trick to moving forward.

Find the good.

I mean, just look at this photo of my sister and I on Thanksgiving.  


It was the week of my mom's memorial service.  We were terribly stressed out by a number of issues - both personal and political.  Sad.  Emotional.  Tired.  But we were together.  Enjoying each other.  Laughing, even.

It was good!

That photo of my sister and I is going to serve as a reminder for me this year . . . to find the good.  Because, yep.  There are going to be crappy days.  (That's how life works, y'know?)  But there will be something good even in those crappy days.

Pollyanna-ish?  Maybe a little.  But I think it's also a mindset; a way to move forward.  

This weekend, I decided to reflect back on that crappy year that was 2016.  I went through my journals, my planner, my blog . . . just to remind myself of everything that happened.

I made a list.  I found the good.

And, well.  2016 had plenty of Good.

  • I got a new bike.
  • I took up watercolor.
  • My knee is healing and I can run again.
  • I had a great week with Dale and Carole when they came to visit.
  • I went to Scotland and Ireland with my sister.
  • I celebrated 8 years of remission.
  • And 35 years of marriage.
  • I spent a lot of quality time with my mom before she got sick.
  • I visited both kids with fun trips to Pittsburgh and Boulder.
  • We got new windows in our house -- and wifi at the cottage.
  • My garden looked really great early in the season.
  • I was able to spend a lot of time with my sister.
  • Tom was an incredible support and held me together every day.
  • My dad and I worked together to . . . move mountains.
  • Everyone came home for a wonderful Thanksgiving week.
  • We saw Elton John.  (Also Boston and Kansas.)
  • The J-pups brought much love and wagging tails to every day.
  • Shoot . . . the Cubs won the World Series!

Jesse Owens was right . . . the good IS all around us.

And I'm gonna find it.