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"Find the good.  It's all around you.  Find it, showcase it, and you'll start believing in it."
                                                           ---  Jesse Owens

Okay.  So I've established that last year . . . was a pretty crappy year for me.  I've whined about it, I've complained about it, I've shed more than a few tears about it.  (Because it WAS crappy.)


There was also so much good in it.

I've decided . . . that's the trick to moving forward.

Find the good.

I mean, just look at this photo of my sister and I on Thanksgiving.  


It was the week of my mom's memorial service.  We were terribly stressed out by a number of issues - both personal and political.  Sad.  Emotional.  Tired.  But we were together.  Enjoying each other.  Laughing, even.

It was good!

That photo of my sister and I is going to serve as a reminder for me this year . . . to find the good.  Because, yep.  There are going to be crappy days.  (That's how life works, y'know?)  But there will be something good even in those crappy days.

Pollyanna-ish?  Maybe a little.  But I think it's also a mindset; a way to move forward.  

This weekend, I decided to reflect back on that crappy year that was 2016.  I went through my journals, my planner, my blog . . . just to remind myself of everything that happened.

I made a list.  I found the good.

And, well.  2016 had plenty of Good.

  • I got a new bike.
  • I took up watercolor.
  • My knee is healing and I can run again.
  • I had a great week with Dale and Carole when they came to visit.
  • I went to Scotland and Ireland with my sister.
  • I celebrated 8 years of remission.
  • And 35 years of marriage.
  • I spent a lot of quality time with my mom before she got sick.
  • I visited both kids with fun trips to Pittsburgh and Boulder.
  • We got new windows in our house -- and wifi at the cottage.
  • My garden looked really great early in the season.
  • I was able to spend a lot of time with my sister.
  • Tom was an incredible support and held me together every day.
  • My dad and I worked together to . . . move mountains.
  • Everyone came home for a wonderful Thanksgiving week.
  • We saw Elton John.  (Also Boston and Kansas.)
  • The J-pups brought much love and wagging tails to every day.
  • Shoot . . . the Cubs won the World Series!

Jesse Owens was right . . . the good IS all around us.

And I'm gonna find it.



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It's not always easy but yup...that's what we've got to do! I just ordered a new journal that I'm excited about (it's got lists!) and am planning a vacation and keeping the focus positive. And hey...what about Meryl Streep!!! :-)


I'm doing something similar this year, at the end of the day, I am making a journal entry about at least one good thing from the day. Sometimes I feel so bombarded with negativity that I feel like I have to pull back a veil to see the goodness that is all around us. Best wishes for 2017!


I love when you look for one thing, but find a treasure trove of others! And, that is what this post is full of - treasures! Oh and I echo Patty - Meryl Streep was just fantastic last night!


We couldn't appreciate the good without some of the bad but perhaps not quite so much bad as you had. Focusing on the good is how I get through a lot of stuff, honestly. I'm glad you found lots of good stuff to offset the bad, and I know I concur that the week we spent with you was at the top of my Good In 2016 List.


Focusing on the good everyday, even tiny little things, has saved me (especially since the election). Life is so challenging and rarely smooth sailing. You've the right attitude!


Negative is the cultural norm. Let's be counter-cultural!


Finding the good around us is a wonderful way to banish negativity. You have inspired me to make a list of the good in 2016! Blessings to you for continued remission.


I'm glad you were able to salvage the good - I know when I did it a few weeks ago, it really put things into a different perspective.

Let's hope that this year we'll be able to do the same, one way or another. Take care.


I think of 2016 with a great deal of dismay but yes, if I were to write a list of good the dismal would be confined to the last two months personally and politically. 2017 is going to take some work at least in the first 6 months. Finding the good will be a bit harder, but necessary. If I focus on the hard things in life I won't make time to actively create the good.


I love that photo of you and your sister!! Finding the good... and the humor (because usually a bit of that can be found in every situation, too) (though it may be quite dark)... is how I get through...


I've read, reread, and mulled over the quote and your words of wisdom, and I think you've really got it. Sometimes things really are crappy, and I think it's of some value to acknowledge those things, whine, complain, and cry because they truly are awful. But the difference between you and someone who wallows in the sadness is that you are actively looking for the good and doing exactly what Jesse Owens suggests - showcasing it, and beginning to believe in it. That isn't Pollyanna-ish at all; that's moving forward. I need this and thank you immensely!


I'm pretty sure someone has done a study about the "on the bright side" people vs those who stay mired in the muck...and the bright side folks are happier and healthier (and if no one has done that study, they should!) You are definitely preaching to the choir here :-) That photo of you and your sister is wonderful (huge thank you to the photographer!) and a nice endcap for so many other happy memories from last year. I hope 2017 is filled with more good. or at least more good sister moments! xo - M.


What a blessing sisters can be! Love your list too. My new journal has a spot to list gratitude and I plan to make good use of it this year. I'm dreading the coming year politically, so focusing on gratitude will be essential in the coming months and years. I hope we are all able to uncover the good in 2017 and beyond. Go Meryl Streep!!

Cheryl S.

Beautiful list. Keep focusing on the good! It's always there, even if it's hard to find sometimes.


"I celebrated 8 years of remission." That is my favorite of the list.

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