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We The People

For me - for many of us - this Friday will be a sad, grief-filled day.  A day of mourning.  A day when the most unqualified and most undeserving ... character ... will be sworn in to the highest office in the land.  

This is a hard week to Find the Good, but find it we must.  With a little work, we can make this week - and Friday, in particular - a day of redemption.  A day of resistance.


Here's my ACTION plan for this week.  Join me!

Dress the Part

I am in mourning; I will be wearing black this week.  With an occasional pop of color from my pussyhat.


On Friday, I will not turn on my television to watch the inauguration.  I'm also planning to stay away from social media.  Seeing the event, reading about the event, analyzing the event . . . none of this will help me.  And I don't want to give my attention or my time or my emotions to . . . the spectacle.


On January 20, Tom and I will join with millions of other Americans in the Wall-of-Us project called Take the Oath.  We will raise our right hands and take this oath:  "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute my role as an American, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”   And then . . . we will.  We will be part of the movement.  Read more about Take the Oath here.


January 20 is the perfect day for a bit of financial activism!  There are so many good organizations full of committed and devoted people working hard to fight discrimination, injustice, inequality, and bigotry.  Sustain their work; support their work.  Find an organization you believe in and give generously -- because money talks!

Dig In

If you've been thinking about getting more involved in your community, NOW is the time.  There are causes and organizations right in your own community that can use your help.  You might have to get your hands a little dirty -- but that's what it takes to bridge a divide.  Your work can truly make a difference.  Since the election, I've been looking for ways to plug in right here in Kalamazoo.  I just finished an extensive training program to become a certified Adult Literacy Tutor for the Kalamazoo Literacy Council.  I'm waiting to be matched with a new adult learner, but in the meantime, I've just volunteered to work in one of the literacy centers here in town.  I also joined the League of Women Voters -- and discovered a very active group here in Kalamazoo.  There are so many ways to get involved.  Find the one that works for you; start looking TODAY.


Staying informed and understanding the issues is vital right now.  Our new President . . . boasts of "not reading."  So, today, read something challenging that you might not otherwise take the time to read.  Pay for subscription services to news publications that will bring high-quality news to you:  the New York Times, Washington Post, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Vanity Fair.  Donate to NPR.  Support the news outlets that bring you the news you need.  Seek out essays and books about hot-button issues; find out about the lives of people in parts of America you just don't understand.  Challenge yourself.  Read!

Reflect, Meditate, Pray

Take time this week - and especially on Friday - to get away from the noise and the volume and the sheer hoopla.  If you can, get outside.  Take a walk.  Spend some time meditating or praying.  Allow yourself to find solace and peace.  Prepare yourself for the work ahead.  It's supposed to be warm(ish) here on Friday.  I'm hoping to get out in my garden -- maybe prune a few shrubs and clean up some of my "winter interest."  I'll take my dogs for a walk.  And I'll spend some time meditating and journaling.  It's important to shut out some of the drama and connect with your own center.


There is much ugliness in the world right now.  Let's resist by creating beauty.  Spend time this week doing the things that give you life.  Knit.  Paint.  Stitch.  Tie flies.  Sew.  Write.  Play the piano.  Create something beautiful.  Use your gifts -- as an act of creative resistance.  I'm hoping to finish my Peace Cowl this week.

Get Out There

The majority of voters in this country did not vote for our soon-to-be President.  We don't share his values.  We didn't give him a mandate.  Let's stand shoulder-to-shoulder and stay visible.  There are marches and protests scheduled for Saturday, January 21 all over the world -- sister marches for the Women's March in Washington DC.  If you're not going to DC, find a march or rally or protest near you -- and GO.  (Here's a link to help you find marches in your state or country.)  I will be heading to Lansing with a carload of friends for the March on Lansing.  Maybe I'll see some of my Michigan friends there.

Rest - and Have a Drink

There's a lot to be done -- and it's going to take a sustained effort well beyond inauguration week.  Make sure to rest, kick back a bit.  And have a drink!  Thea has put together a list (with recipes) of most excellent pussydrinks.  I may try the Elizabeth Warren -- or I may just open a really fine bottle of red wine.

Yes.  This week is a tough one.  But we - we the people - will endure.  Because, well . . . America is already great.  And it has nothing to do with our incoming (ahem) leader.




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It feels good to be in mourning in such wonderful company. Another form of solidarity that I had not considered! I will be with you in radio/tv silence on Friday and Marching in Pittsburgh on Saturday! And, the pledge - so powerful!


Everybody needs a Kym in their world! I shall be wearing black, I shall be sending two pussyhats to Boston, I shall donate to a non-profit on Friday morning. I will not watch. And I have been working on the harder reading thanks to you and my NY Times subscription. xo


These are also my plans this week, and I know I'm in good company with you, Tom, and millions of others. It's a tough week ahead, an incredibly difficult Friday, and the next four years are going to require solid commitment to The Oath and action. Thank you!


Wearing the black--done and done. The drink--easy, peasey. Walking the dog--good for both of us! Last, but not least--take up as many challenges as possible.

P.S. Reread your blog post to keep working on all that must be done!


I'm dreading Friday! I'm with you and many others-I've sent a pussyhat to my niece to wear in Washington, I've made my pledge to NPR, I read the NY Times and the Washington Post, as well as articles from the New Yorker. So much we can do! Last evening, I did experience some good that gives me hope for the future. I listened to 3 university students talk about their experience working in Haiti over their break and how they plan to return over Spring break. They give me hope for the future!


We have to be ready for anything and ready to defend what we believe in. Your call to action is perfect!


Your post is just what I needed today and I'm with you on lots of this. I pretty much wear black ALL the time but this week, in my head at least, it will have new meaning. And thank you for the reminder on getting involved locally. I was very excited about our Democratic Town Committee back in November but now they've changed the meeting night to Wednesday - a night that is generally when Dale and I go out. Attending these meetings instead means giving up on that but maybe some sacrifice on my part is in order. I will NOT be watching on Friday and I will probably stay away from social media as well. I think it will be a good day to read, knit, meditate and paint! Good for you on the literacy volunteer, the program is SO lucky to have you!


Hear, hear! It's gonna be a tough week and weekend, not to mention afterwards, but we have to stick together and make sure this can never ever ever happen again.

Thanks for the coherent and sincere reminders.


I'm baaaack! I could not resist mentioning a blog called "Margaret and Helen". They are two delightful old ladies and Helen is the outspoken one. Her take down of Trump today is brilliant! (Like you need more to get fired up.).


I will be out in a bookstore somewhere - trying to shut it all out of my mind and just breathe!
Do turn on your tv - but put it on another station - anything but one that the ceremony will be on.. because that way - it will take his ratings down! I plan to watch HGTV - during the times I'm not out that is. Or anything reruns. Maybe I'll watch "Send in the Clowns" - ha!

And at some point during the day - let us all pause where ever we are - and think about each of us here on this blog and know that we are "together" in this!!

Linda in VA


Solidarity! It's our 32nd wedding anniversary on Friday, so I am choosing to focus all my attention on that!! Bah-trumpbug. We're getting out of town for a long weekend and will be celebrating, unplugged, on a warm sandy Florida beach. I knit three hats and sent them for marchers in DC! Thank you, always, for your thoughtful and energizing action posts!


I am so thankful we will be driving to Florida with satellite radio blaring tunes from the 50's,60's and beyond. We will stop for a leisurely dinner, shower then retire early so we can be on the road. I've been addicted to NPR since before the election. They get my donation!


I am not-celebrating Friday with my morning small group and knitting at the shop with friends in the afternoon. ...and then following along with Sara as she makes the trip to Washington for Saturday's march. I know I can't live in a bubble for the next four years, but I'm going to try for at least those 48 hours!


There is so much to be done that it seems overwhelming -- where do I start? That is what has been keeping me frozen. But I read the perfect advice yesterday, I think on Scalzi's blog: pick one issue and work on that one; there are plenty of others working, and all the issues will be addressed. So I have decided that my issue is health care. Not sure exactly what I will do, but now I don't feel frozen any more.

Great post! I bet you will enjoy your literacy volunteering, and the League is a great group of people -- new friends!

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