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Action Tuesday: Awakening

All weekend, this old movie clip from Dune kept running through my mind. 

Yes, it's been a really devastating and horrifying week for our country.  Because things are happening . . . that just don't seem quite real or possible.  I mean, I'm not surprised, really.  (Because these actions were promised.)  But, down deep, I had hoped for better.  (Because America.)

But.  Here we are.

I am heartened, though, by the respose of Americans.  Outraged Americans.

These last 10 days (can it really only be 10?) have forced us to come to grips with . . . what it means to BE American.  What values do we hold dear?  What face do we want to put on in the world?  Who ARE we?  

I would say . . . the sleeper HAS awakened.
(And is likely marching down a street near you.)

It's overwhelming right now.  Hard to keep up.  Things are coming at us fast and furious.  It's time to dig deep, my friends.  These days will test who we really are -- as a people; as a nation.  All of us.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 9.00.04 AM

And. . . if you're looking for yet another way to take action, consider signing up for Daily Action.  (You might also be interested in reading this article about the mom who is behind Daily Action.)  You sign up to receive a daily text with ONE action - one that is targeted especially for the day.  Your text will include information, suggestions for a script, and - best of all - direct dial numbers for you to call.

Stay vigilant.  

Dig Deep.  

Wake up -- and make those calls!




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I keep thinking "How can it only be ___ days??"

But yes, it's definitely a wake up call to action, and I'm pleased at how many folds are answering the call!


Devastating is an apt word, but heartened is also. Last week it was easy to reach my MoCs, but yesterday and today I kept getting busy signals, full voice mailboxes, and "beep, beep, beep, all circuits are busy" messages. This is actually a good thing because it means so many people are taking action. Thanks for Daily Action; I'm signed up and have made my calls for the ouster of Bannon from the NSC and will stay vigilant!


Mary just told me about Daily Action, too. Maybe this will be the catalyst to help me to do something without feeliing so overwhelmed.


We have a sewing shop/knitting shop - around 30 minutes from me. I have been planning on getting there but haven't made it yet. Anyway, she was targeted recently by a pro-Trump supporter - who said she was targeting businesses that didn't seem to support Trump voters. All totally untrue... The shop owner thinks it is either because she put a picture of herself at the woman's march on her FB page - or because, also on her FB page - she let her customers know the pink yarn was back in stock. She isn't sure what got this woman so upset. She let this woman know - that in her shop "everyone belongs there". In other words, when they go low - we go high...

Linda in VA


Absolutely amazing. I think this may be something I can handle! :-)


I admire your passion and commitment! Also thank you for the link!


I've been making these daily calls since December. I'm hugely impressed by the content and the technology - having a script and not having to look up phone numbers makes it so easy... thank you for sharing!


Having a script helps so much, as it keeps my calls coherent and targeted. Just knowing my voice is being heard is a catalyst.

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