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Tuesday? ACTION!

FOUR Tuesdays ago . . . I sat there, watching my computer bring me election updates, stunned.  

Numb, in fact.  


And, really . . . four Tuesdays later, I'm still pretty much there.  (Although I am sleeping through the night now, so that's a plus.)

After giving the whole thing quite a bit of thought (and a lot of angst), I've decided that, really, the only way to deal with post-election madness and the upcoming (gulp) DJT presidency is to take ACTION.

On Tuesdays, I'm going to put together some sort of ACTION-related blog post.  Sometimes, I'll pass on direct actions you might choose to take; sometimes, I'll share information; and sometimes I may even bring you something to laugh about.  My aim is to provide information we can use . . . to stay informed, prepare ourselves, raise our voices, and make a difference.  Because one thing is for sure . . . I can't just sit here.  I need to do something!

So.  Where to start?  (Because there is just So Much.)

I'll begin here. . .

This morning, as I was driving to the gym, I heard this story on NPR.  (I can't find the NPR story I heard, so the link from ABC news will have to do.)  An off-duty police officer, who also happens to be a Muslim woman, was subjected to verbal threats by an angry man in her Brooklyn neighborhood.  (The man has since been charged with menacing as a hate crime.)

This type of news story is becoming increasingly more common.  It certainly seems that hate crimes are on the rise since the election (actually, since the campaign madness).*  

It gets me thinking. . . What can I DO if I encounter someone being harassed?  How would I take action?  How could I help?  I want to be prepared.

Here's a nifty little infographic that offers practical tips for helping diffuse harassment.


This short video by Films for Action also provides practical advice for what to do if you are a witness to harassment.

While I'm hoping I don't encounter this kind of situation, at least I'm feeling more prepared and ready to act.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
                                                   ---Margaret Mead


*  Here's an interesting article about hate crimes reporting and the difficulty in obtaining meaningful, consistent data.  While it certainly does seem that hate crimes are on the rise, it is difficult to state with clarity how much.




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I welcome your action posts, as I know things have to change but just don't know what to do. I recently ran into a guidance counselor from a middle school where we both worked and asked her for advice. She said that since the campaign and election, her approach is to "expect ignorance, try kindness, and keep trying". There is a long road ahead ...


I love that infographic... I hope I never have to use that information!! And thank you for the ACTION posts!


You are the best. Thank-you for helping me to be a better American!


I saw that infographic a few weeks ago, and thought it was so useful.

I LOVE the idea of action posts, and can't wait to read more of yours.

Kathleen Nystrom

I agree with all the comments above. I have a copy of your "concerned with" post of a few weeks ago near at hand, & I've contributed to several organizations that I never have before--ACLU, SPLC, Greenpeace, etc. I've also seen that infographic before & hope I don't need to act on it, but I'm wearing a safety pin to keep up my awareness, as well as to let those around me know that they could expect help & understanding from me. I'm also knitting the peace cowl, trying to calm my mind & rid myself of unkind, ungenerous thoughts, because PEACE BEGINS WITH ME. This is definitely a work in progress, because I'm naturally impatient & critical & tend to respond reflexively--not the way to change anyone's ideas or behavior. I'm hoping that changing my own natural instincts will help...


Thanks for this post -- I am looking forward to the ACTION post. One thing I plan to do is to let my positions be known for all three of my congressional reps my positions--a Republican Senator and Representative as well as a Democratic Senator. The line-up of cabinet appointments and other high level posts has deepened the anxiety!


It is indeed hard to be open-minded when nonsense like that is happening. I, likewise, was stunned listening to that story on NPR - along with so many more things like that. And, yes - ACTION is needed. I will not be silent - and if that means calling representatives, speaking out in public, making an effort to frequent minority owned businesses - then I am committed to doing so, for as long as it takes.


I heard this story too and your action plan is one we all can do. I don't like the direction our country is headed and the only way to change things is for all of us to take action, so, thank you for sharing.


Great idea for Tuesdays. Maybe action could be your OLW for 2017?

Thea Colman

Yes! I have been in the same boat as you, and I totally agree that action is the answer. Don't wait and see, and don't let a day go by that you don't do one small thing. As knitters we know that many small actions will make a difference over time. Maybe not in the grand scheme of who's in charge there, but for many other individuals and just to protect our voices and make sure that they are continually raised and present.

Since the election I've upped my volunteer efforts, donated money to causes I believe in, subscribed to both the New York Times and the New Yorker and have written tons of emails and letters and made calls to representatives both to thank some and protest others. I'm also in the process of helping our town (a wealthier one) "adopt" a elementary school in Lawrence MA - to fill the holes that I know are coming once De Vos takes over. (I HATE HER) Doing things makes me feel like I still have some control over the things that worry me.

There are so many ways for us to act. Thanks for adding your voice!! Keep it up, my friend. And your blog posts will inspire others to do the same.


Oh wow - thank you for this! I'm still in the same mode - still feeling so "off" and down - and now the anger is creeping in - and I want to blast everyone I know who voted for Trump! But I fight it - because they are my family and my friends. But it is hard....
I saw a lady walking the other day - by Walmart. She was in the full black burqua (sp?) - up over her face to her eyes. She was wearing these bright neon walking shoes and listening to her ipod! It brought the biggest smile to my face - the diversity/meeting - of cultures... I saw some people staring at her. I was thinking, if anyone starts to do something to her, I'm jumping out of this car and going to help her!
My thought was to just pretend like I know her - and start talking. And that could work - along with the infographic you have here.
I look forward to your Tuesday action posts!!

Linda in VA


Thank you for another thought provoking and informative post. Action is key as we move into this new, uncertain future.


Thank you for this post. I heard the NPR story earlier. While it helped to know that bystanders came forward to help the lady, I realized that I didn't know what would be best to do. Now if I observe such a thing I can make an effort that will hopefully make a difference.

Thank you for all of your post election posts. They have helped me come to terms with what we must live through and gave me the ability to think again. This led me to the conclusion that as a country we survived Andrew Johnson and therefore I believe that we can and will (with help from each other) survive the coming President.


I am planning to become an ACLU volunteer legal observer sometime next year (2016 training sessions are all too far away for me to attend). Check out the Michigan ACLU; they may have something similar.


Thank you, Kym - this is helpful information and I look forward to learning more about taking action in positive ways... that Margaret Mitchell quotation sums it up perfectly!

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