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'Tis the Season . . . for Hygge

The first time I ever heard the term hygge (which is pronounced hue-gah, by the way) was in Stockholm a few years ago, when I traveled there with my sister.  One of our tour guides mentioned it as a Scandinavian tradition -- creating a comfortable environment through enjoyment of the simple, ordinary things in life.


Hygge . . . is actually a Danish term - and there is no direct English translation.  Basically, hygge is "the art of creating intimacy" -- a ritual of introducing simple pleasures to make the dark, cold months of the year as pleasurable as summer.  It's about creating a mental state of coziness, warmth, and togetherness in the heart of winter.

I really need a bit of hygge in my life right now!  Focusing on connection, well-being, and warmth sounds just perfect to me.  I want to feel rooted by ordinary ritual, comfort, and presence.  I want to create light . . . around me, and for those I love.

So . . . I'm planning to embrace all the ways of celebrating hygge -- creating comfort in my home, getting outside every day, pampering myself a little, looking for ways to connect with friends, slowing down and savoring the ordinary pleasures in my days.  


I can start with my new slippers.  Over Thanksgiving, when Erin was in town, we visited DSW (because she needed new boots, y'know?).  I splurged on something for myself . . . $19.99 for some Dearfoam slippers with memory foam.  This was a completely unexpected purchase -- because I'm not generally a slipper-wearer.  (I prefer going barefoot around the house - even in the winter.)  But these slippers with the memory foam?  They are SO comfortable!  I feel pampered every time I put them on.  Hygge?  Definitely!


Watch for future hygge-themed blog posts this month (and maybe all winter), as I look for ways to introduce comfort and warmth into my life.








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With memory foam slippers and what looks like an Avoca throw in front of the fire, I'd say you have an excellent start on hygge!


Thank-you so much for the pronunciation! And I can't think of a better thought process for entering into the cold dark winter. Looking forward to more of what your thinking!


I am 100% on board with creating hygge in our spaces. And, it avoids the "ugh, winter" thoughts - and focuses instead on savoring the winterness! I am all in and excited to see how you add more hygge to your life!


I've only recently become aware of hygge but I think it's a wonderful way to embrace special moments of comfort and I'm all about the comfort. I never wear slippers even though I have very nice ones from L.L. Bean. Yours look quite cozy!


The hygge concept is definitely copycat worthy!


Love!! I love that I'm reading about Hygge more and more. I could really use some new slippers, but your description of your Dearfoams reminded my of *my* new boots -- Clarks Cloudsteppers -- so AMAZINGLY comfortable (and seriously cute), I can't stop wearing them!


I love the idea of Hygge! I need to try and do much more of that myself!

I too run around in the winter with no shoes on (sometimes even outside to get the mail)!

Linda in VA


Your winter will be so enjoyable by incorporating and embracing "the cozy". I'm a slipper wearer and couldn't get though winter without them (or a nice fleecy blanket). I'll be looking forward to hearing about your Hygge lifestyle.


I read the book, "A Year of Living Danishly" last year, and discovered the word hygge & it's concept in it. What a wonderful concept to incorporate in our lives -especially during the winter months. Like you, I'll try my best to embrace MORE hygge this year-with toasty warm slippers & cocoa in the evenings!


I first learned about hygge when I wrote the shop's newsletter for the Woolfolk yarn by that name last winter. Of course the Danes would have a word for something so wonderful that it doesn't even translate to English - at least not directly. I think your slippers are dead on. and look forward to seeing all the other ways you embrace hygge (in English ;-) p.s. my spell check things hygge should be "higgle" ?!

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