It's . . . Bow Time!
Tuesday? ACTION!

'Tis the Season . . . for Hygge

The first time I ever heard the term hygge (which is pronounced hue-gah, by the way) was in Stockholm a few years ago, when I traveled there with my sister.  One of our tour guides mentioned it as a Scandinavian tradition -- creating a comfortable environment through enjoyment of the simple, ordinary things in life.


Hygge . . . is actually a Danish term - and there is no direct English translation.  Basically, hygge is "the art of creating intimacy" -- a ritual of introducing simple pleasures to make the dark, cold months of the year as pleasurable as summer.  It's about creating a mental state of coziness, warmth, and togetherness in the heart of winter.

I really need a bit of hygge in my life right now!  Focusing on connection, well-being, and warmth sounds just perfect to me.  I want to feel rooted by ordinary ritual, comfort, and presence.  I want to create light . . . around me, and for those I love.

So . . . I'm planning to embrace all the ways of celebrating hygge -- creating comfort in my home, getting outside every day, pampering myself a little, looking for ways to connect with friends, slowing down and savoring the ordinary pleasures in my days.  


I can start with my new slippers.  Over Thanksgiving, when Erin was in town, we visited DSW (because she needed new boots, y'know?).  I splurged on something for myself . . . $19.99 for some Dearfoam slippers with memory foam.  This was a completely unexpected purchase -- because I'm not generally a slipper-wearer.  (I prefer going barefoot around the house - even in the winter.)  But these slippers with the memory foam?  They are SO comfortable!  I feel pampered every time I put them on.  Hygge?  Definitely!


Watch for future hygge-themed blog posts this month (and maybe all winter), as I look for ways to introduce comfort and warmth into my life.