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Throwing Rocks

During the cold months, Tom curls.


He plays in a couple of leagues each week, and travels to bonspiels with his curling buddies.

It's his thing . . . not my thing.  

I have never had any desire to curl -- despite encouragement from Tom and the other members (many of whom are couples) of the curling club.  There is no real reason why I wouldn't want to at least try it.  Except that it's never appealed to me.  And I have plenty of other things I already like to do.  And it's cold.

But a group of our friends decided they would like to try it.  And Tom offered to organize an outing.  And . . . I finally tried it.  On Monday, I went through . . . the curling entrance . . .


and went right out on the ice.


Tom was a great curling instructor.  He's passionate and patient -- and has a good sense of humor.  (I think it helped that this particular group of our friends . . . are all very athletic with a strong competitive spirit.)  (Okay.  Let's make that a VERY strong competitive spirit.)


It was actually . . . a blast!  

Curling is a game of finesse and technique -- and WAY harder than they make it look on TV.  It's also a bit scary.  Because ice.  But it's the kind of thing that - with a bit of solid instruction - you can actually DO (even if badly) right away.

I mean, it wasn't very pretty . . . but we learned the basics AND played 3 "ends" (kind of like an inning in baseball) in 2 hours.  (Of course, we were motivated.)  (And - did I mention - competitive?)

It was a lot of fun.  But also kind of . . . intimidating.  It's awkward to push off "the hack" on that slippery ice with a teflon-coated "slider" under your foot . . . to send a 42-pound "rock" down the ice.


And the first time Tom told me to RUN down the ice to sweep one of my teammate's rocks, I was like . . . are you freaking kidding me?????

But.  I got there!  It was challenging -- and a whole lot more fun that I imagined.


The best thing about curling, though, is that it's a really social game.  We all had a great time -- lots of laughing and banter.  And after the game?  Well . . . then there's something called "broom-stacking."  (According to the Glossary of Curling, this is "slang for socializing with teammates and opponents, often over a drink, after a game.")  We went out for beer and pizza!


Will I try it again?

Sure!  (Although the weekly league thing sounds like way too much commitment for me. . . so don't count on any regular curling posts here.)

And, the four people to the left side of the photo above?  WE WON!  (Just sayin.)






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Well done! It is good to try new things - I need to remember that!


This is SO cool! I love that you tried it, advanced to running on ice, and especially that you had such a wonderful instructor. Just learning the lingo looks a bit daunting, let alone the whole throwing rocks on ice. I think I'd like to try it, just because it's so unique, but I'd probably only be good at the broom-stacking part.


Oh, how fun!! I'm so glad that you tried it -- and liked it, and WON!! I've always regretted that I never saw my grandpa curl... there was (still is) a curling club just around the corner and down the block from where they lived.


I admire you for giving it a chance. Do not think I would have - cold and ice do not thrill me!
However, I was watching the curling during the Olympics one year - and I actually enjoyed watching it! and it does look hard! much harder than people would think!

Linda in VA


Being with 8 competitive and fun people would certainly make the challenge worth trying. It sounds like fun and looks like fun, too!


I'm with you on the cold. BUT it does look like a great evening out with friends. And that makes it look somewhat appealing! Here's to broom-stacking!


Sign me up....for the broom stacking portion of the event! LOL

But, in all seriousness - GO YOU!! On ice and throwing rocks and WINNING!!


Good for you for giving it a shot - I bet it made Tom really happy. And of course you won!


I like the beer and pizza part! You were a great sport to try it.


yay you! I've always known there must be something compelling about curling because so many people are passionate about it - and I'm sure not just for the beer and pizza afterwards :-) (were you sore in weird places the next day? I'm sure I would've been!)


See? Your Alberta heritage is coming through! Your Mom would be so proud of you!! It is a FUN game and as long as you stay upright, it is incredibly relaxing....enjoy .....

Kate Crosby

My hubby curls too! I knit, he curls. I have tried it- I am terrible. The broom stacking is I think the big appeal... as are the bonspiels. I will say- his club has a cozy warm room to watch for the nights he wants to go out after curling with me- I stay warm and knit, he curls. Win win :)

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