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Take Action: Money Talks

After the election, and during this bizarre transition phase, I remain particularly troubled by threats to causes and issues I care about most: the environment, women's rights, civil liberties, anti-discrimination, and access to health care.  

It's overwhelming, really.  Because the threats are everywhere -- and real.  

I've decided to put my money where my heart is . . . and give to organizations that will continue to champion these causes that I hold dear.  And you know what?  A whole lot of other people are doing the same thing!


In fact, this article from The Atlantic, written shortly after the election, explains that donations to organizations like Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, the ACLU, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations have just gone through the roof.  Another article, this one from the Washington Post, speaks of the "unprecedented" levels of giving after the election.

It seems that many of us want to DO SOMETHING.  And making donations is a way for us to respond positively and concretely to a very disturbing situation.

There's even a term evolving for this motivation to give:  rage donating.  According to this article in the Boston Globe, "rage donations" have become an anti-Trump movement.  The concept has even spawned a website - RageDonate - designed to harness the power of anger to deliver real change.  Their tagline? Get mad and help others get even.  They feature actual DJT quotes . . . and then select non-profit organizations threatened by each quote for rage donations.  Check it out.  It's empowering!

My Take Action Challenge to you this week is this:  Consider the causes and issues you hold most dear, then donate what you can to organizations working to champion those causes and issues.  And remember -- EVERY donation helps -- no matter the amount.  Just . . . put your money where your heart is!

As for me?  I'm funneling my charitable giving dollars to the following organizations:

  • American Civil Liberties Union - because I want to protect our constitutional rights and processes
  • Planned Parenthood - because I care about women's health and access to affordable health care
  • Sierra Club - because I care about the environment AND I believe climate change is real
  • NPR - because I care about aggressive news coverage - now more than ever

Want to take action?  GIVE!



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I thank DJT for making some of my Christmas gift-giving easier! I made donations to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in the name of several of the recipients on my list that I know agree and will appreciate the idea. I do have two people on my list that voted for him, but honestly wasn't ready to donate in their names and stress our relationship even further. I think John will be getting a donation to Sierra Club for his birthday. Thanks!


I'll be joining you with the Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood. The thought of PP losing even more funding is so frightening to me!


Everyday there is a new reason to RESIST!! And, resist I am! NPR, WaPo, and NYTimes are all on my "subscription list" (WaPo and NYTimes are new since the election). I am also calling my representatives/senators with actionable plans.

PP and ACLU will be gift recipients throughout 2017.

We are not the minority - we are the majority, and I remind myself of that every single day.


PP and ACLU, among others, were already on my list. But I wasn't thinking about NPR and I listen all the time. We SHALL overcome!

P.S. My brother, the self-announted pundit says we'll only have the DT's for a year or two before the impeachment.


We've been getting the Sunday NYT for a while now. I'd been considering canceling our subscription because there are times when it seems only the Travel & Book sections are read, but resolved after the election to keep it... even with the recent price increase! Also, it's winter... lots of indoor time for reading the Sunday paper!!




I tried to subscribe to you blog, but the sbscribe page is not working. All I get is code.


ACLU, all the way.


My end of year as been all about giving to causes because I feel less helpless when I know my $$ are being put to good use. I have also set up monthly donations to our local VOA and the Utah Food Bank. Local/public radio and NYT are already part of my daily routine (and giving). I like Kat's reminder that we are the MAJORITY! We can speak very loudly with money. Thank you, Kym!!


Thanks for the NPR suggestion. I had not thought of them. (already set up monthly donation to ACLU and am lifetime member of Sierra Club)


Oops. The DONATE button on the NPR website took me to Minnesota Public Radio. I already donate to them. Is there no way to donate to NPR directly?


Money certainly talks! (and I love coming to your comment feed and finding so many like-minded women - it feels like a little community!)


Excellent post. I already give regularly to NPR and I should also add Planned Parenthood. One thing I think is helpful is to consider a regular monthly donation to organizations. I think it helps them to plan and work more effectively.

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