Roll With It, Baby

Today is a special day . . . because this guy?


Birthday Boy!

And because every birthday needs a soundtrack, here's my song for Tom . . . on his 58th birthday.

You see, this year . . . well.  It hasn't been an easy one.  In fact, this year ranks right up there with some of the crappiest years of our 37 years together.  In fact, I'd place this year in the #1 spot of our Top Five Most Challenging Years Ever list.

There was 1993.  That was a frustrating year.

And 1999.  Lots of growing pains.

2003 was particularly nasty.  But only for a few very intense months.

2008.  Yeah.  That one was bad, too.  

But 2016?  Total shit storm.

But we're getting through it.  Because that's what we do!  We hold each other up.  We light each other's path.  We shoulder on.  We head up north.  We go to the gym.  Basically, we . . . 

Roll with it, baby.
Hang on and roll with it, baby.


Get on through it, roll with it, baby
Luck'll come and then slip away,
you've gotta move,
bring it back to stay

You just roll with it, baby,
come on and just roll with it, baby
You and me, roll with it, baby,
hang on and just roll with it, baby


So, happy birthday, dear Tom!  

No matter what life brings us in the coming year, I know we'll roll with it.  

Because that's what we do.



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A very Happy Birthday to Tom! Wishing him lots of big fish, millions of smiles, plenty of good beer, and the continuing ability to roll with it along with you. May his next trip around the sun be wonderful!


Happy Birthday Tom! May 2017 be a peaceful relaxing year. Those lyrics are so true. Just Keep on rollin". Life throws you challenges but it is so much easier with your soulmate!


Happy birthday, Mr. Tom! Your smile would make any challenge a little more bearable! Congratulations to you both for creating such a solid bond--the best birthday gift possible!


Happy Birthday Tom! Here's to a 2017 full of wonderful surprises and lots of date nights with your partner through it all!


Happy Birthday Tom!!! Here is to a year of wonderful things and I think it is getting off to a pretty spectacular start with that gal by your side!


Happy Birthday, Tom! You two make a great team. Two positive and strong people, full o f love and commitment. You will weather it all! Here's to a fantastic and smooth sailing 2017!


Happy Birthday Tom!! Sending wishes for... what's the opposite of "total shit storm"?... in 2017 -- to you both!!


Happy Birthday to Tom! This year was certainly a challenging one for you both but you've weathered it together. And there was that one bright spot last June . . .


Happiest of "birth" days Tom! Enjoy every milestone and mile along the way - with your true love! You two rock as a team!!
and are truly blessed to have each other!

Linda in VA


Happy Birthday, Tom! Years like this one make or break you, and I'm so happy you're making it. together. Hugs, Kym!


Happy Birthday to Tom! No matter what, at least you're still above ground ...


That is the true spirit of a good marriage: roll with it. (And laugh together during, if possible; after, if not.)

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