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Party Like It's . . . 1979!!!

We usually do . . . something . . . to celebrate New Year's Eve.  Sometimes parties.  Sometimes just staying home.  Usually going out for dinner.  (That's our recent MO:  a special dinner with friends at Food Dance - one of our favorite Kalamazoo restaurants.)  Whatever we do . . . we always watch the ball drop and count down to the new year together.  

Nice . . . in that kind of quiet and predictable way.

But.  It wasn't always like that!

Let's just send the clock back to . . . 1979 . . . shall we?  Back when this guy (looking a bit Luke Skywalker-ish) and this girl (with her Farrah-'do and oh-my-god-painter's pants) were A Thing.

Scan 8

Yep.  Tom and I were reunited for Christmas break (he was a senior at Boise State University; I was a junior at the University of Wyoming) -- and we were headed off to San Francisco for the New Year.

Because . . .  why not?  

A friend of ours - Steve - was headed to San Franciso for a medical school interview.  And he needed driving help.  (Isn't this how many adventures happen???)  Tom and I and another friend - Dave - were only too happy to oblige.  It became our most memorable New Year's Eve ever.  

We drove through the night, made a stop in Reno (where the boys all had fun gambling and I got kicked out of every casino we visited -- because they were all 21 - but I was not), and ended up in San Francisco.

While Steve interviewed, Tom and Dave and I took in the city. 

We visited Golden Gate Park (in the fog).

Scan 6

We climbed Coit Tower and enjoyed its exquisite views.

Scan 6

And this land-locked Illinois-to-Wyoming girl saw the ocean for the first time in her life.  

This is Seal Rock -- (where we actually did see seals).

Scan 3

And we spent some time on Baker Beach.*  (The waves kind of freaked me out -- because it was cold and I didn't want my shoes to get wet.)

Scan 6

And then - best of all - we celebrated New Year's Eve with the crowds (throngs) on the streets of San Francisco.  

It was SO AWESOME -- and so adventurous -- to welcome 1980 this way.

Scan 6

I'll never forget . . . me and the boys . . . on the streets of San Francisco.  No other New Year's Eve party or gathering will really compare.


*How do I remember - after 37 years - exactly where we were in San Francisco on that trip?  Why . . . because I made sweet little notes on the back of each trip photo.

Scan 6


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I am envious of your Farrah do! My poor locks were far to pin-straight to ever pull that off! But those painter's pants! Divine! Even better a trek to San Francisco for NYE seems like the most brilliant time ever!


What fun memories! 1979-1980 was probably the first year I didn't go out for New Year's Eve. I had finished grad school that year and was working as an evening shift charge nurse on a busy trauma unit. I was so sad that I had to work both Christmas & New Year's that year. It was the first time I spent the holidays alone, but I was able to go home a week later.


How fun to see your memories of a fantastic NYE! You're so smart to have made notes on the back of the photos (and to have taken photos!)! Smith and I were married in January 1980 so I know we were with our best friends on NYE planning our escape to Vegas (a couple weeks later).


That sounds like a truly awesome New Year's adventure. As someone who has never lived far from the ocean it sort of blows my mind that you were 19 before you ever saw it.


What a wonderful adventure ... and a fantastic "first time I saw the ocean" story! and I love that you got one of the guys to take that great photo of you and Tom :-) Wishing you a Happy New Year, Kym!


Oh to be young again and jump in with both feet to every adventure and have it all turn out right. I remember those days... I still kinda like painter's pants and Tom has better hair than Luke Skywalker's. You two still seem to be an ideal pair. Happy New Year, Chloe



What an excellent adventure! And the things we take for the ocean. And to see the grand Pacific Coast first must have been amazing! Happy New Year Kym! xo


Fabulous fun!! Happy New Year!!

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