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More Than Just a Storage Solution - It's a Way of Life

When I read the prompt for this week's Think Write Thursday post, it made me chuckle.  How I stay positive when it feels like everything is going wrong.  Because ... well.  This has been my daily struggle for a while now.  Y'know?

So much going wrong.

So many attempts to stay positive.

So many ways this blog post could go.

Like . . . I could write about meditation and mindfulness practice.  (Because that helps.  A lot.)  Or I could write about journaling.  (Because that is essential for my well-being.)  Or I could write about the power of a good workout.  (Because pushing your body is powerful and sweat is GOOD.)  Or I could write about knitting or weeding or drawing.  (Because those activities are grounding and help me find my center.)

But, instead . . . I'm going to write about Ziploc bags.


Yep.  Ziplocs.

You see, somewhere back in time - probably college; maybe earlier - when I first started dealing with time management issues and that feeling-like-everything-is-going-wrong thing - I came up with a sort of Scarlet O'Hara tomorrow-is-another-day approach to dealing with things.

Stick it in a Ziploc.

Yep.  Just stick that thing/idea/future to-do item/problem in a Ziploc bag.  Seal it up nice and tight.  And store it in your brain.

The trick?  Keep. It. Sealed.  Do NOT let it out.

And, just like real Ziploc bags of real stuff in your real life, that thing/idea/future to-do item/problem will just sit there in your brain.  

Safely stored.  
Gathering dust.  
Or rotting.  

And you can open that Ziploc bag whenever you are ready.  Or when it is time.  (Or somewhere between 2:30 and 4:00 am, when the seals, sadly, tend to be at their weakest.)

I'm not talking about denial here.  I'm just talking about compartmentalizing.  When things/ideas/ future to-do items/problems are overwhelming and when it feels like they're all closing in on you and you just can't manage . . . that's when it's time to do a little sorting-and-storing.  

Fill up your Ziploc bags with things that you really can deal with/think about/do LATER -- so you can deal with the more immediate issues NOW.

It works for me!


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I love this! I will add a few ziploc bags to my tote before I leave the house today.


Brilliant! I feel like Christmas has come early and I've been given wonderful gifts - the positivity of Fire Chief hats, helpers, clementines, and now Ziploc bags! I've been using freezer Ziplocs with the slide closure for preserving garden produce, and I just may literally write down some things, put them in a bag and store them in the freezer until I can better deal with them. Thank you, and may your own Ziplocs be safely stored and your seals strong.


Very interesting! I think I sort of do that too. If it's not relevant in tough times it gets pushed into the freezer until time allows. And yes, we must figure out how to keep those 2:30 seals just a little more secure. xoxo


Such great advice! I sometimes think that actively NOT trying to solve a problem actually enables your brain to solve it in the background. And YES to meditating and journaling and creating art. YES!


Ziplock--what an intriguing way to deal with problems. It is definitely worth trying.


YES!! This is a brilliant idea. A wise friend used to put problems in an envelope, seal it, and give it to God. I was always amazed at their faith but could never quite get myself to that same spot. However, this is genius. Also, an idea for keeping those ziplocks closed in the wee hours - put them in your chest freezer! If yours is anything like mine - there is sure to be a place you can hide them away until you are ready to tackle them!


Oh that's wonderful!!


I've never given it a name, but ziplick is THE perfect place to put most things. I usually put it aside until it rots away or stinks to high heaven and must be dealt with.


Yep! Scarlett, you, me and Ziplock...what a team we make!
Love your post; truly appreciate its humor but its "for realness." Durn great advice.


I need help with keeping the Ziploc bag sealed. There's a certain amount of mulling I need to do before I can put something on the back burner. But the Ziploc is a great mental image, and I'm going to try visualizing that to see if it helps. Thanks for the great idea!


I love this way of looking at compartmentalizing! and I love ziploc bags (except for those loose seals in the dark early morning hours)... this has turned into a very helpful and positive topic. Thank you!

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