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A Different Kind of Christmas


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I've put that aside as well in an effort to crank out a couple of last minute gifts. (I'm doing well there...) Good news on the sweater but best of all...the sitting and relaxing. xo


I love that gray... and something new on the DPNs? I've been exclusive with the Project Peace Cowl, but am still a bit behind... and am an peace with it. ;) It's a busy time.


That looks like a lovely pile o' knitting! I'm way, way behind on the Peace Cowl because I had to cast on three times and am now doing some requested Christmas knitting, but I'll get back to it soon. Love your almost-completed sweater and maybe those are Squad Mitts? Knit on and enjoy the process!


Beautiful knitting! And, I think extending peace knitting well into the new year is a marvelous idea. I am pondering a second peace cowl that is smaller thanks to Juliann's inspiration this morning!


It sure does feel good to just sit and knit! I'm hoping for some of that tonight.


Keep those knits and purrs coming. You go girl!


You pile of knitting looks to be of interesting and lovely projects. Knitting is the perfect way to relax during this crazy season and a nice way to take care of yourself and just be.


pocket linings?! love the pink and gray together!

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