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Hygge Weather

It started snowing here on Friday.


And, with only a brief pause Saturday afternoon, it hasn't stopped yet.  (Although definitely tapering down now.)


Yeah.  Garden Buddha . . . wearing his little snow-cap at noon on Sunday.  Now?  Well, now you can't see his face.

But this is perfect hygge-weather!  

The dogs LOVE to romp in the snow.


We enjoyed a little time out in the snow -- I filled the bird feeders while Tom threw snowballs (JoJo loves to chase snowballs).  I took a lot of photos.  

And Tom and I got out to the gym and to see a movie.

Inside, though, it was All-Hygge-All-the-Time!


I hope your weekend was nice and cozy and hygge-filled, too.



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I love seeing pups in the snow - they seem to universally find it to be the most fun ever!

I love the picture with your lights and fireplace.

Stay cozy!


I'm glad it's your snow and not ours but you do make it look beautiful. Dixie used to love to run in the snow, it was almost like she was swimming. Nothing says hygge like a warm fire, knitting, and roast chicken!


The snow looks so pretty! It was all snow about 30 miles north of us and we had a very cold rain, thankfully no ice! Sometimes this New York girl misses snowy winters,,,Illinois doesn't get very much snow at all!


Happy dogs! It all looks so good...even the snow!


We are envious of your snow, but busy, busy and very happy it's one less thing to deal with this year. Love seeing how you incorporate hygge into your day!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Lovely! I like the lights next to your fire, they look like electric pussy willows. Getting some good electric lights is my next hygge initiative. I visited a friend who had a wall of remote control votives in her living room and it was amazing --something I would have thought would be tacky. Not at all! We have the most inefficient fireplace ever but laying on the floor in front of it is one of my favorite December things to do.


We've only had a bit of snow here, but it's been replaced by the dreaded wintry mix and I've done quite a bit of complaining. Seeing all your snow, the joy of the pups, and not one single complaint is helping me adjust my attitude. Thanks and carry on with the hygge!

Kim in Oregon

Jealous of all the snow and the dogs who love snow (our dogs--not so much. They don't like being wet).


The dogs romping in the snow make my heart happy. I looked up the word hygge and ended up reading a lengthy article about it--definitely a worthwhile pursuit.


Our Misha comes to Smokey or I multiple times a day to tell us she REALLY needs to go outside, but just to play. She has taught Milady the joys of romping on the deck; Lady was from Missouri originally, so didn't know much about snow. It is joyful just to watch them!


Fabulous! I took my time getting the tree up & lit over the weekend -- one might even think I didn't care -- but I really do love the extra light & warmth it provides. I love your floral cup, that chicken looks delicious, and my longing for a fireplace or wood stove grows a little more each year (I doubt it will ever happen in this house).


I love to hear-oops!-read- about your Garden Buddha and his snow-measuring pursuits. We got the outdoor Christmas lights on the house in the nick of time here last Saturday night. Now we have snow frosting everywhere and our wussy local school board canceled school here today in southern Ontario. Let the Christmasing begin!


Bring on the hygge!! And, that knitting looks swell! However, Sherman is not too sure about those J-Pups!! He prefers the indoors and the heater to that silly white stuff!


Holly is like Sherman...she hates cold and she hates wet... so double ugh! But it sure makes for some cozy indoors and we all love that! your home looks like the perfect place to hygge-down :-)

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