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Hygge . . . for the Gardener

This gardener decided . . . what better way to bring hygge to the dark days of winter than by nurturing some lovely amaryllis bulbs.  

Not only will there be joy and comfort in the planting, but also in the watching -- and certainly in the blooming.

So I splurged!  

I ordered four different amaryllis bulbs from that Flagship of Gardening - White Flower Farm.  (I gotta tell you -- even just the choosing which bulbs to order was a hygge-moment!)  Then, I gathered up my vases and some stones for planting, and I waited for delivery.


The bulbs arrived earlier this week, and yesterday - in the midst of our first major snowfall - I planted them.

Let's just say . . . these bulbs are big.


Like . . . pretty much too big for any of the containers I had chosen.

But I think it'll work out.


Now, I'm going to sit back and watch the show.


Hygge . . . for the gardener!


And be sure to check out Bonny's blog.  Her annual Amaryllis Watch has begun!  (She is a true amaryllis-whisperer!)



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Those are some big bulbs! Here's hoping they provide you with big beautiful blooms!


Okay, this is a sign. First Bonny and now you. I simply must find amaryllis bulbs today!


I am SO excited to see these bulbs and follow their progress! White Flower Farm really is THE place for amaryllis and I can't wait to see what you chose. I've only tried them once in stones and I ended up with rotten bulbs, but I'm pretty sure that was due to operator error with water level. You've made me want to get out my catalog and order one to try stones again (then I can tell myself Kym made me do it)!


YES!! You're going to post your "watch," too, I hope! (I really need to get one of my own again.)


I am with Carole! It is an Amaryllis hunt for me also this weekend!


This reminds me that before Alzheimer's started take mom away from us, she gave me one of these bulbs every year. I think I will need to pick one up this weekend.


You have a real eye for unique and beautiful. I can't wait to see how your hygge bulbs turn out!


Wow! Keep us updated. I have never seen a bulb this large! Happy weekend!


I'm planning to start my first amaryllis this weekend ... and gonna need all the green thumb vibes from you and Bonny!!

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