A Different Kind of Christmas

Hygge . . . at the Gym

When it looks like this outside . . . 


I'm always happy to hit the gym for a good workout inside.

In fact, I've discovered that the gym is a perfect place to put hygge to work.

I can sort of see your eyeballs rolling already.  Because . . . working out?  Hygge?  Yeah.  I know.  Just hear me out.

Hygge is all about creating a comfortable environment wherever we go, right?  It's enjoying the things that get us through the dark, cold days of winter.  It's taking care of ourselves and maybe even indulging in some pampering now and again.  Hygge . . . is a mindset.  It helps us see the "happy and bright" even when we don't feel that way.

For me, a trip to the gym IS hygge!  Working out gets me to be "in the moment" better than almost anything.  It gets me moving and sweating -- and, best of all, gets those endorphins flowing.  And really, it's quite wonderful to stop at the end of the pool during a long swim . . . and see the snow falling outside through the wall of windows bordering the length of the pool.

And then . . . there's the after-workout pampering.  (Tom laughs at my gym bag, loaded down with shampoo and lotions and potions.  He wonders where I put my shoes.)  (Ahem.  They fit.)


Usually, when I finish up with my workout, I'm in a rush to get on with the rest of my day.  I hit the shower, get ready, and Get Out.  I always walk right past the whirlpool . . . and the steam room . . . and the sauna . . . to get on with whatever is next -- in a hurry.

Lately, though, I've decided that - in the spirit of hygge -  I will enjoy at least ONE of the "relaxation" stations every time I finish with a workout.  Most times, it is the whirlpool that calls to me after a swim.  But the last few days?  It's been the sauna!  Relaxing after a hard workout is pretty wonderful.  

Pure hygge.

I also discovered this little treat . . . 


In 60 seconds, I can have a quick facial right in the shower.  It's so simple -- I pop in the shower and, right away, put some of this stuff on my face and neck.  Then I do the rest of my shower-stuff.  By the time I'm done with all of that, it's been at least 60 seconds -- and I can just rinse it off.  Perfect!  Without much extra time and effort, I'm treating myself to some hygge-goodness . . . 

Right there at the gym!




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I just bought some really lovely hand cream to keep in my purse - it doesn't take long and it smells so wonderful. Thanks for the idea of a little 60 second pampering.


I'm not completely convinced as the gym will probably always be a chore to me. But I do like the idea of a treat afterwards!


LOVE!! Every single word of this post is hygge!! While the gym is not in the budget here, some kind of daily activity is essential to the inner spirit positivity!! And, I am heading out to get some of that Aveeno stuff today!! Thank you XOXO


I'm pretty sure you're one of the few people that can write a convincing post about hygge at the gym, but It does sound lovely. I once luxuriated in a warm whirlpool outside while snowflakes gently fell; it was memorable and I didn't even have to work out first. I may try some of that facial as I would love to be positively radiant!


The gyms in our area are not nearly nice enough to have a whirlpool or sauna...most don't even have staff! But, after my workout this morning, I treated myself to coffee from Starbucks...and that Aveeno facial cream is going on my shopping list!


Gym hygge makes perfect sense. And good for you--some sauna or whirlpool time is well deserved! Happy weekend!


Yes, this does make sense! My yoga studio is all about hygge to me. I'm positively miserable if I can't get there at least twice a week. Glad you found this in your gym. Must try the Aveeno facial!


Oh, that sounds wonderful... and perfectly Hygge!


Sounds great! I never use the hot tub/ whirlpool at my gym as I'm not interested in sharing epithelial cells with the masses that go in there in my newly immunocompromised state , but a sauna sounds awfully nice. Definitely trying the Aveeno facial peel! I love their hand and body lotion.


I'm not quite ready to embrace the indoor workouts (I'm sorry y'all had such a jump start on winter this year!) but I do love the idea of post-workout hygge. My "gym" is mostly here at home - and I"m sure my tub could benefit from new candles and my shower from that Aveeno facial. Thank you for sharing - and happy weekend!


You are the one person who could write about hygge at the him so convincingly, but I get it as I just joined the community center with a wonderful pool and walking track (and other amenities) and your post helps me see how important, and fun, it will be to do some self-caring. Thank you!


I LOVE the way you are finding hygge EVERYWHERE this season!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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