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When I was a little girl, my mom took a ceramics class.  I was thrilled when she made this for me:


A snowman mug . . . with a candy cane handle.

Oh, man.  I remember that milk tasted so much BETTER out of this mug!  (And hot chocolate with marshmallows?  Oh, yeah.  The BEST.)

Of course, my mom made one for my sister, too.  And, being a wise, thinking-ahead kind of mother, she painted our initials in the candy cane handle, so we could make sure which mug belonged to which sister.


This year, I dug my mug out of the back of my cupboard.  I stuck a bunch of candy canes in it -- and I put it on my desk.  Right there - where I can see it every day.  It reminds me of the excitement and magic I felt as a child at Christmastime.

We're in the countdown week now; the Big Day is almost here.  I hope you all have a chance to slow down, take a deep breath, and remember the special-ness of the season.  Cheers!


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A wonderful handmade gift like that from your mother is the perfect reminder of how magical and special the season can be. I love that she thought to put your initials on the handles!


I love it!! How fun and talented!! (And smart!!)


What a special memory.


Smart mom incorporating your initials in the mugs. Smart you to use it so you can enjoy it every day.


P.S. Over the weekend I think I emailed you with a recommendation for an article on Trump by George Lakoff. My computer is misbehaving and not wanting to send emails.


Aw. So sweet!!


Kym, that's such a special memory of your mother and childhood! Wednesday is the happiest day and with Christmas to follow, it's a magical week!


That mug is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad it brings you joy to look at it. Here's to slowing down and enjoying the season!


You always give us something wonderful to think about. This year certainly is different but you know what...it's playing out alright. Love the mug. :-)


The precious things from our childhood give Christmas that special feeling. I too have a mug but mine is Santa and I bring it out each year as a decoration. I can remember all our mug lined up on the upright piano as part of the Christmas decor. I only hope that I gave some memories to my children!


candy cane wishes!


That is exactly the kind of thing that would make me smile every time I sat down at my desk.

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