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Is It Genetic?

Recently, one of my mom's cousins in Canada sent me a few old photos of my mom as a little girl.  Here's one I hadn't seen before.

Scan 9

That's my mom ("Little Vonnie") . . . with her mom (my grandmother) and grandma (my great-grandmother).  I love and treasure this photo -- because we only have one or two photos of my great-grandmother at all, and not many more of my grandmother.  (Both grandmas died before I was born.)

But look closely.

My great-grandmother is knitting a sock!!!  (Further, she didn't put the sock down for this rare 3-generation family photo-op with her daughter and granddaughter!)

Genetics.  It's a powerful force!


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It's only 8:30 here, but I'm convinced this may be the best thing I see today! A friend recently sent me this article (http://mentalfloss.com/photos/87220/10-awesome-historical-photos-people-knitting) and the book is now on my Christmas list. I have a real love of knitting photos, and your three generation and sock knitting one is really special.


What a great photo!


Wonderful photo!


What an incredible photo! Perhaps your dear great-grandmother was on a knitting deadline... You know, she probably had more than a few pairs of socks to knit every year! XO


The first thing I noticed was the knitting in great grandmother's hands! What a treasure this photo is!


That is fabulous!


What a riot! A photo to be treasured for sure. And she has her sensible shoes on as well!


Well, you come by it rightly! How wonderful to know you shared a love of wool through the generations.


Love it!

Julia in KW

Awesome picture...I'm feeling the sock deadline myself right now, so I would have kept knitting, too!


I love this. Genetics, indeed.


Beautiful and touching photo! Knit on!


LOVE it!! (also super impressed she apparently doesn't even need to look at those tiny stitches to keep the project on track)


This is just too cool for school. Lucky you to have this photo and sorry to be so late to comment about it. Chloe

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