Holiday Wishes
Throwing Rocks

End-of-Year Clearance

The gifts . . . opened.  

The food . . . eaten.  

The snow . . . melted.  

So here we are, suddenly at the end of the year.  It's time to clear out some inventory with a little-of-this/little-of-that post:


First up:  Real inventory!

Have you seen this magazine?


It's a lovely little publication by Carrie Bostick Hoge - filled with knitting and hand-stitching patterns, recipes, coloring pages, and beautiful photography.  I got so excited when I saw the first issue back in the summer (there are four per year) that I subscribed. 

And then I forgot I subscribed.  And got so excited when I saw the new issue this fall, ordered it.  (Again.)

So now I have two copies!

I want to share my second copy . . . so if you'd like it, just let me know in the comments sometime this week and I'll draw a lucky winner over the weekend.


It is ACTION Tuesday . . . and although I've been a bit lazy and not taking any action myself these last couple of weeks (I blame it on the cookies), it is my intention to continue posting action-ideas in the new year.  In the meantime, here are are couple of organizations who are putting together more immediate, concrete action-items and information you may want to check out:

Wall of Us - sign up for their email alert and you'll receive four concrete acts of resistance delivered to your inbox each week.

Download the Indivisible Guide, a practical guide to resisting the DJT agenda.  You can also sign up for updates.


With the new year comes a new . . . one little word.  I've already got my word for 2017 picked out (it started screaming at me last August, and hasn't stopped yet) . . . how about you?  Are you picking a word for yourself for the coming year?

If you want to join Ali Edwards' official One Little Word program for 2017 (and receive monthly prompts and inspiration to stay connected with your word all year long), the sign-ups are open -- with a discount for registering before January 1.  

You can also order all kinds of neat "stuff" to create a scrapbook-ish journal of your word - to follow along with Ali.  I don't do this part (I keep my own journal in my own way; although I do like to stay inspired with her monthly prompts), but it's an option.


I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to a whole lot more hygge here as winter takes hold!  And now, I really should have a little more time to sit and knit.  

I also need a new hat.  (The ribbing always stretches out on my handknit hats.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Do you have a solution?)

So I'm going to cast on next week along with Kat and Juliann in their unofficial Rob Roy KAL.


And that's it for today!

Enjoy the downtime this week.  

(Isn't it great to be able to just kick back a little bit -- and breathe?)

(And don't forget -- let me know if you'd like my extra copy of Making, Vol. 2.)






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I haven't heard of the magazine but I'd love to see it. Happy Holidays. Katie


Haven't seen that magazine and would love to have a chance. Many thanks, Marie


I would LOVE a copy of that magazine. It sounds like something I might want to subscribe to as well. Hygge has given me a whole new reason to look forward to winter. I'm just going to embrace the opportunity to be cozy inside while the cold winds blow.


Happy and Merry to you and yours..... I saw an article on Hygge over the weekend and thought of you...... would love to check out the making magazine.... maybe it would help add a little hygge to MY little corner of the world as well!


What a great magazine! Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a copy-definitely put some hygge into the next few months!


I love Making, and especially this issue (I have my copy, so please share with someone who does not have it!)

Also, GREAT LINKS! And, I have signed up - oh and yes, I have picked my word! :)

Here is to hygge inspired knitting to warm us inside and out in January! (I started swatching today - okay, really, I am knitting the hat and will see how my gauge is after the ribbing is done! lol)


Your end-of-year clearance is so much better than Kohl's and REI! I've read, shared, and taken action on Indivisible Guide and Wall of Us and had my one little word literally fall into my hands. I've ended all my magazine subscriptions, but Making looks very worthwhile, and I will probably be subscribing once they're set up for 2017. No real solution for stretched-out ribbing, but I almost always knit the ribbing on needles one size smaller than the body of the hat. In the past, I've run some thin elastic through stretched-out sock ribbing, and that usually helps a little bit.

Julia in KW

Not sure if you're willing to send to Canada, but if so, I would love to read it! I am notorious for having a forgetful mind and have purchased books twice (many times) before...if the story appealed to me once, there is a good chance it will appeal to me twice! I am getting better recording the info in Goodreads so I can check before I buy! Let's hope for a better 2017. (and I am cheering you on with your action items - more power to you! I have to make sure it doesn't happen here!)


I have made some favorite sweaters from Carrie Bostick-Hoge, she is a fabulous designer!!I would love to see her new book.
Also I signed right up for Wall of Us and Indivisible, thanks for the tip
Happy New year to you and your family


Making is a beautiful publication... I haven't actual MADE anything from either issue, but I've certainly spent some very happy time looking at the projects and the photos. I'm actually going to join in OLW again for wasn't until last week that a word kind of snuck up on me and then started yelling in my ear. Looking forward to hearing more about yours. (and about hearing the clock strike 12 on Saturday night - I'm ready to kiss this year good-bye!)


What a lovely change of pace from the usual year-end clearance! I have need of a few things, but wasn't going anywhere near a retail store yesterday (and today it's back to work). That's a wonderful little publication! (Don't enter me to win, I already own/subscribe.)


I would love to peruse a copy of Making! OLW...I may choose a word. Though I don't really do anything concrete I think I did make some positive personal changes by choosing a word last year. I'll have to start listening...The RRKAL...could be! I'm currently making a hat (as you know) but it will be a quickie and I'm certain I have some WR yarn that would be perfect for RR. Thanks for all of the info!

mary mcmahon

yes, yes, I would love a copy...have always been a fan on Carrie's. thank you. mary in Cincinnati


I appreciate the link to Wall of Us. Besides signing up myself, I signed up both sons (and told them I had and that if they wanted to unsubscribe I would not be offended (even though I would be)).


I always cast on a new hat. It's mostly the yarn content that determines stretchibility (or too much stretchibility). While at the LYS yesterday I thumbed through their copy of Making and it's a charming publication!


I have never seen the magazine, Making, around Rochester. I checked it out on the link you posted and I want to make almost every hand knit item shown! I would love a copy! Thank you for mentioning Making.

I have also had trouble with ribbed hats, but have found that washing the hat by hand in slightly warmer than tepid water and blocking again works.


Yes please on the Making: Fauna 2. I thought I had ordered a copy figuring if I could make at least 3 things in it then yes. Clearly there are more than 3 in there. Sadly, no evidence of such sale. Wished I had the first one too. Live and learn. Happy New Year, Kym!


Perfect weather for hygge! Count me in your drawing--I am a magazine freak!


First - I would love to be in the draw for that magazine.
I have done the One Little Word workshop in the past and have a word every year but I stopped when the prompts seemed to be so much the same. But, if you are doing this, maybe I would join in and we could chat about it.
My next book is The Year of Living Danishly. After this wonky year, I need a bit of hygee too.


That Making magazine looks like a winner. Please enter me in your
"contest. "
Loved your "Clearance." Great idea: fun to read.


Making magazine could inspire to dust off my sewing machine or get my embroidering out. I'm starting to get a bit obsessed about the cowl shown in the magazine. Very intriguing. Thanks for the action links. This will be my resolution for 2017. Making a difference one person at a time!


I've been kicking around a subscription to this magazine. This might be the push I need! Happy New Year to both of you.


I'm jealous that you are a Making subscriber -- somehow they aren't doing subscriptions right now. I DO NOT want to be in your drawing because i own the Fauna issue of Making - AND I love it! I bought it because of the Nepali bird vest, which I intend to make. But it's full of so many other charming projects -- not just knitting. I would love to have a life that was full of projects like these - so maybe I should fix that ;-) Happy New Year to you - and farewell, oh, good-bye, to 2016.

Barbara S

I would love a copy of Making magazine...I've been thinking and feeling lately that I need some good crafting back in my life. I've usually done a ton of crafting all my life, but it seems to have taken a back seat to so many other things. I think some calm, "inner-me" time would definitely help.
Love to you and your family. I really enjoy your posts.

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