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Bloomin Friday: About Those Amaryllis

As you may remember, a few weeks ago I planted four amaryllis bulbs I had ordered from White Flower Farm.  And then, I "rescued" a poor grocery store amaryllis . . . shivering in the cold at the front entrance of the store and subjected to the constant bell-ringing of the Salvation Army brigade.

I knew that none of my bulbs would be blooming by Christmas -- and I was totally fine with that.  My intention was not holiday-bloom . . . but blooming delight later in the season.  When those dark days of winter set in and there aren't so many bright spots.

Let's check in and see how those bulbs are progressing, shall we?

First, there's Mr. Grocery Store Rescue amaryllis.


Lovely . . . in that just basic white way.  I love the hints of neon green in the center and on the tips of the petals.  There are two blooms open now; two more on the way -- and an entire second stalk to go.

Two of my White Flower Farm bulbs are really on the move.  This one has two stalks that emerged together, and have been shooting up in a kind of neck-and-neck race.


While this one sent up one stalk right away -- and I can just see a new one emerging from the leaves.


What I'm loving about these White Flower Farm bulbs is how big and strong and healthy the stems and buds are.  There is a notable difference between Mr. Grocery Store Amaryllis and these bulbs from White Flower Farm.  I can't wait to see these bulbs explode into bloom.


Then there's this one.



No evidence of a bud at all.

(And, trust me, I check several times a day.)

The bulb looks very healthy; the leaves are strong.  But there has been no growth in days.  And no bud.  I'm afraid this one may be a disappointment.  (Although I'm still holding hope that maybe it's just . . . slow.)

And then, there is this one.  My favorite!  This was the biggest bulb of them all -- so big that it wouldn't fit in my chosen glass containers.  (I had to dig out a huge vase for this guy.)


This one was slow to bud, too.  But look at it!  Look at the colors in the bud!  I'm so excited.  I just know this one is going to be a stunner when it pops open.  (And see that bit of green at the bottom of the bulb?  This amaryllis is sending up an entire second "bulb" from the bottom.  It's super healthy and wants to grow.)

These bulbs are bringing me much hygge-enjoyment (except for that one I'm fretting over. . . but what else would gardening be without fretting).  I'm looking forward to sharing their blooms with you in 2017.

Happy New Year, everyone.  



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I bought one from Target and it has done nothing for 3 weeks, not even a hint of green. I've always had good luck with them in the past...I think I have a"dud" this year!


Fabulous! I've enjoyed my grocery store amaryllis immensely. She's got 2 blossoms now with another two to go plus another big bud. Hooray!


I'm not sure if I will get a bloom from my bulb - think I will pick up a nice bunch of flowers at Trader Joe's today o I can have some blooms for the new year!


pure delight! I am loving my white blooms, too. Can't wait to see the colors when your other bulbs flower, too...and I'm sure they all will!


It is so nice of you to,share these beauties--my friend who usually gives bulbs for a Christmas gift changed her mind this year. Again, Happy New Year!


I love how each bulb is growing in its own way and at its own pace. I bet you're going to have blooms for weeks, plus the enjoyment of watching and anticipating now. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Hope springs eternal! Happy New Year!


This year I didn't get any amaryllis bulbs, I've opted from cut flowers all season, so I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all the amaryllis blossoms on my friends blogs. Even if one of your bulbs is a dud, the others will make up with their special, amazing and glorious blooms! Going for the best looks like it pays off! Happy New Year, Kym and Tom!


Happy New Year, Kym. Enjoy those beautiful blossoms!


Oh, I can't wait to see all the blooms, and I'm rooting hard for Underdog!!


Your underdog looks more likely than my poor, sad, pitiful bulb. I have given up all hope in it! However, my paperwhites are doing fabulously! Happy New Year!!

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