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One Last Look at Dublin


I don't know about you, but today . . . I need a distraction.  So, let's take one last look at Dublin, shall we?


We only scratched the surface of Dublin on this trip -- and actually spent more time out in the Irish countryside than we did in they city.  We didn't visit Trinity College, for example (even though it was just down the road from our hotel), and we didn't see the Book of Kells (we'll have to return).  But we did enjoy a few sites in town.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Georgian Dublin


The Famine Memorial

(This is not my photo.  This haunting and beautiful memorial is spread out over a lot of ground alongside the River Liffey, just as if there were people - many people - walking to their ship to escape the famine.  My photos could not begin to do justice to this powerful memorial -- so enjoy this one instead.)


The Bridges of Dublin -- and, particularly, the Samuel Beckett Bridge

(Again, not my photo.  This bridge is simply breathtaking -- and there was just no way I could take a photo that would begin to show it's beauty.  Really stunning.)


Street artists

Unspecified (6)



Will ye be havin' a pint?


Dublin is a wonderful city -- vibrant and bustling and full of history.  I'd love to go back!


But, for now, it's time to end this travelogue (at last. . . ).


Goodbye, Dublin!


And please, Please, PLEASE . . . VOTE!



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Okay, THOSE SHOES!! OMG, those shoes! They might just be the diversion I need today! (And, the remainder of the photos are just spectacular, but really - those shoes!!)


Thank you for the most beautiful diversion! I can see that I will have to visit Dublin some day - for all the beauty, history, and fun. I love how all those street musicians are having such a good time! I wish that we could share a pint together as a diversion today, but instead, like Kat, I will be searching for those shoes. Thank you so very much for sharing your whole wonderful trip!


A diversion is definitely in order today. Good lawd but people are losing their shit over on Facebook. Anyway. Dublin is beautiful, thanks for sharing the last bits of your trip.


Oh this makes me so happy!

Voted. Now hoping.


Looks like you made the most of the time you had! The famine memorial is haunting. We saw the one near Crough Patrick (the coffin ship) and have never forgotten it.


Well, that was a fun trip and I'm so glad you shared it with us!! And today, especially, I'm so happy for the distraction. :)


If (when?) you go back, can I stow away in your luggage? :)

What gorgeous pictures to make me smile after voting. (Now let's hope the results make me smile, too.)


It's a welcome distraction on Wednesday morning, too - thank you! Also, I'm enjoying my first Tana French novel and I'm really interested in all things Dublin right now. Perfect timing!


Dublin looks like a fabulous place to end a trip of a lifetime.
I am still very envious of your red shoes.

Cheryl S.

We didn't have the time to see any of Dublin besides the airport. I'll definitely have to go back again, too!

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