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It's November . . . a month that we typically associate with thanks and gratitude and abundance.

But, y'know?  Sometimes it's challenging to keep gratitude foremost in our minds.  Sometimes it's just too much.  And sometimes, well . . . let's just say it's been a bit of a rough year around here.

So I'm working hard to find the good.

Yesterday, it was just a small thing.


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Yesterday, I realized how grateful I am that most of the trees in my yard are conifers, or are deciduous trees that drop their leaves right in my garden beds where I use them as mulch.  (I am also a firm believer in mowing fallen leaves into your lawn as fertilizer -- a Master Gardener Smart Gardening practice.)  

So, yeah.  Yesterday, I was grateful that this huge pile of crunchy, fallen leaves . . . isn't mine to deal with!


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I too have been enjoying the fallen leaves - it brings a childlike joy to my being, which is a very good thing!


I'm glad you're finding the good as it seems to be getting more difficult. My good things over the weekend were Amazon shipping my Leonard Cohen gift CDs earlier than expected and I didn't burn a grilled cheese snadwich - small, but a start!


Mowing leaves, owning a home, restoring the earth. One foot in front of the other, keeping us out of the deep dark hole. xo


"...trees that drop their leaves right in my garden beds where I use them as mulch."


Smith also loves filling his garden with leaves, although he has to beg people for bags full.


finding the good can be tough, but I am working toward it too, thank you for your posts of the last week - I just read them backwards and it really did help me too - I also need to find a way to help and like your ideas very much.... Sharon


We have lots of leaves but a) Dale usually does the mow/mulch thing and b) the ones that are left aren't my problem to deal with - hooray. We've got to find the small victories where we can right now!


We need anything that will change our focus right now. Leaves are a good start.


What a great way to turn around your thinking! I like to walk on the leaves ... that crunch just tickles me :-)


I wish I could convince my husband that mulched leaves are gold. His method is to blow them (loud!) into piles, then burn them (smoke!).

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