Golden Days
Sundays are for Poetry

Look Up!


Our lingering fall has been just incredible this year.  Here we are, into November, and leaves are still on the trees (although falling fast now) -- and the colors are just exploding.

It's a glorious time to . . . look up!


Happy Saturday.


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I've wondered why we do this blogging every day in November with its 30 days; why not February with only 28? Now I have an answer - all this lovely foliage and glowing goldenness. Simply lovely!


Wow, it just illuminates everything! Stunning!!


The fall colors have been especially wonderful this year. Thank you for the beautiful pictures you've shared. Happy weekend!


I'm looking down - at all the leaves on the ground that need to be raked!


happy first NaBloPoMo Saturday - lovely image and a great reminder!!


We drove to the New England Fiber Festival today and the golds were spectacular! Happy Saturday!


Our sky is blue and the air is warm. The only way we know it's November is the trees are nearly bare!

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