Friday Mailbag
Sundays are for Poetry


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Christmas cactus blooms are much cheerier than snowflakes! Clouds are moving in here and it seems you are sending your snowflakes eastward to us this evening. Oh, goody!


Oh lovely! And, so perfect!


Perfect! My Christmas cactus hasn't bloomed in 2 years. I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong!


Oh, those blooms are such a pretty color.
It's so blustery here today!! There's a little snow... thankfully, not too much!


Beautiful Christmas cactus! I do miss mine. Those first snowflakes really sting. Ours happened several weeks ago on my knitting group day. It was cozy to sit with friends and knit while the flakes fell. As I drove home the grass was covered in higher elevations, but not at my house!


This is very pretty, much better than snow. I was looking up earlier and all I could see was rain. I need to buy some flowers.


It's so strange to see other people are having snow and that Londoners are suffering (lol) through 38 degree weather, per Franklin Habit, and in this part of New England people are not wearing jackets. In fact, I still see people wearing shorts. However, I'm glad you have such a beautiful and bright bloom to balance the first snow of the season.


Such a pretty view! The photo of you and Tom having wine outside on the patio was in the upper left when I read about the snow; it's a crazy time for weather!


The storm moved through to visit all of you. If the weather tracks you'll soon have a warm wind.

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