Full of Thanks . . . and Turkey
Sundays are for Poetry

Look Up


In about an hour, my household will have transitioned from 9 people, 3 dogs, and 1 cat to just the normal 2 people/2 dogs.

I plan to sit back, kick my feet up, and knit.

I will look up, though - frequently - to keep up with The Crown.  And to grab my wine glass.


(I'll also be tackling a massive pile of laundry.)
(But who wants to blog about that.)

Enjoy your weekend!


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I really enjoyed watching The Crown and was sad to watch the last episode last night. Enjoy your weekend!


I know you will miss having everyone around but I bet it will be nice to have some return to normalcy, too.


A full house is wonderful and full of energy, but the quiet after is so sweet. Love the Crown!


You've got the perfect antidote activities planned so you don't miss your departing guests too much. I loved The Crown so much I had to start watching it a second time, and knitting and wine make it even more sublime. Enjoy!


The Crown was so good...I don't want to have to wait for,the next season!


Sounds like a delightful way to wind down. I'm looking forward to watching The Crown and seeing for myself what everyone is talking about!


Enjoy your after-T-day calm! Here's to you! I'm delighted by The Crown.


We just finished The Crown! I loved it. Those are some mighty big needles you're using. ;)


It sounds like the perfect plan for reclaiming some tranquility to regroup for all the Christmas activity!


I'm sure you had some wonderful time together. But the triple "crown" you've got coming...perfect.


I binged on The Crown a couple weeks ago. So good, and perfect for right after the election.

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