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Golden Days


I'm enjoying my garden's "golden days" right now.


Although I have a few other fall colors going on, it's most gold in my late fall garden.


The view from my living room window is pretty awesome right now.



Are you noticing something kind of . . . weird, in these photos?

Like . . . what's that golden pine tree doing out there?  

Is it dead?  Does it have a disease?  What is UP with that tree????


Well, for starters . . . it IS turning gold.

And . . . it's not a pine tree.

It's a larch tree -- a deciduous conifer!  That means it looks like a regular, old conifer for most of the year.  But, come fall, the needles actually turn color and fall off -- just like a maple or a birch or any other deciduous tree.


Once my larch loses its leaves, though . . . it looks like a giant, dead, Charlie Brown tree all winter long!  But for now?  Golden!





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Gorgeous and interesting! I've heard of larches but don't think I've ever seen one and didn't know they are deciduous. Things aren't summer green and verdant, but the lovely view through your living room window is one of the reasons I enjoy fall so much.


I love the golden trees and light this time of year. Your view is spectacular!


OMG you have a LARCH tree!!?? You have a Monty Python tree, I'm so jealous! Now whenever you are a a lack for what to write, you can just post a picture with the caption "The Larch." (Yeah, I'm a real laff riot.)

Anyway, it's lovely. This is one of the reasons why fall is a fave - so many beautiful colors and you just need to look.

BTW, I LOVE your window shot. So lovely and so comfortable looking.


Well, I have learned something new today! I had no idea there were deciduous conifers!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have added a wrinkle to my wee brain! Oh, and see you here tomorrow XOXO


Tamarack! I think they are GORGEOUS. We were up north at around this time last year and it was fun to spot so many.

Man oh man, that view out your living room window is stunning right now!

Kim in Oregon

I think I must steal the term 'golden days' from you to describe my yard! Maybe golden brown days tho!


Wow! I have never seen a larch tree! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!


Your autumn seems to be lasting much longer than ours, as much of the golden color has faded away. Your larch is marvelous. I have only heard of them, but never seen one. Rick Bass speaks of his awe of larches in his book "Winter", which I found fascinating.


I've never even heard of a larch tree! Thanks for that piece of information and now I'll be driving home looking around to see if there are any around here! Have a nice weekend!

Julia in KW

I'd not known about the fall habits of the larch...how interesting! Now I have to keep my eyes peeled for them on my walks! Do you have a nice BIG ball to hang from your Charlie Brown tree 🌲 for the winter? (Our hosts are bright yellow, too! Dazzling in some light?)


I had NO idea there was such a thing as a deciduous conifer - thank you for another gardening lesson! and thank you for sharing all that lovely gold!

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