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Right Now . . . November 2016

Gold Rush


Tom is contributing to NaBloPoMo this year by writing the following "guest blog."  Enjoy!

IMG_0423 2

Jenny, top dog in the pack, the sheriff, not inclined to suffer fools or foolishness. Attitude. But, beneath it all she is a lab mix, always on the make for food, insatiable.

Just before Thanksgiving, Kym has placed chocolate kisses, a mix of plain and almond in a dish on the low-slung coffee table. Amid regular visits to the dish, I find it empty and so transfer the partial bags to refill the dish, pleased with the abundance of almond in the mix.

Next day, a full dish, but all plain, no almond. Strange.

Later, an empty dish. I confer with Kym and we conclude that the dogs have been into the kisses. Interrogation begins. Jo Jo looks vaguely guilty but clueless (as usual); Jenny however looks Very guilty. That was a lot of chocolate, and what’s more, there are no wrappers around meaning that the foil was part of the feast.

I know that dogs are sensitive to chocolate. Caffeine and related compounds like theophylline. But milk chocolate is better than dark, less dangerous. But what of the wrappers? I am also concerned about blockage. We wait.

Over the next couple days Jenny coughs up a few soggy foil wrappers, but not enough to account for what was eaten ("missing mass" in technical terms). Then, Jenny appears to have a bowel movement out back one night. When she’s done, I take a flashlight to investigate. I find it and…EUREKA! A silver-encrusted nugget fit for a miner’s dream. Striated veins of glittering ore run through the turd; Together with the relieved dawning that this too shall pass.


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Tom...clearly you've missed your calling. Silver encrusted nuggets will never be seen the same. :-)


I tried to not burst out laughing at the "EUREKA," but I was completely unsuccessful once I read, "this too shall pass" This gets my vote for Best NaBloPoMo - ever! LOL


This is amazing.


This is the best post about dog poop that I've ever read! Thanks, Tom (especially for "this too shall pass")! Can I book you now as a guest blogger for next November?


It is a good morning for a good laugh! Dogs are just like us -- they love stuff that's not good for them!


Oh, Tom. Well done.

Sue N

Ok just spat my tea across the room ! Hilarious x


OMG... "missing mass." Thanks for all of that. ;)


Oh the memories of waiting for something or other to pass. Your words create the visual SO WELL!


perfect ending - now I would suggest a higher placement of treats in the future


oh my goodness - Tom, you can tell a story! (I do hope Jenny isn't much the worse for the experience... )


Ahh the things we investigate for the love of our pets!


"Dark matter" came to mind...

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