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Full of Thanks . . . and Turkey


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration yesterday.


It's hard when there is someone so obviously missing from our table.  But we took comfort from memories of Thanksgivings past and the love that we all share.  

(The food was really fabulous, too.)

I have more to tell about the last week or so.  But for now?  Excuse me while I go collapse in a corner for awhile. . .


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You deserve any rest you can get! I'll look forward to your stories and memories. Sending love. xox


Collapse is a good term for today - and, a revisiting of yesterday's feast! XO


It's a well-deserved oollapse. Enjoy the leftovers and get some rest.


That is a beautiful table surrounded by a beautiful family. It is very hard to have someone missing, but I'm glad you could all be together to share the love and comfort. I personally think a nice, big slice of pie with whipped cream may help rejuvenate people collapsed in the corner.


Enjoy your weekend -- get some rest and, well, restore. Mmmm, pie might help, too.


It has been quite a week for you. Collapse and relish the family around you they are all an extension of the someone not at the table yesterday.


I'm so glad you had a good day although I know those first holidays are rough. I was thinking of you.


One of my friends gave me a book called The Empty Chair ( - highly recommend. And collapsing in the corner sounds like a good plan, too! I did spend 6 hours on the sofa with Rory and Lorelei yesterday, but it wasn't ... restful!

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