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Friday Mailbag


It's time to dip into the Friday mailbag once again!

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Dear John Facebook,

 I'm sorry, but I need to break up with you.  

Sure, we've had some fun times - sharing photos and poking people and laughing together at funny videos.  But, y'know, it got kinda creepy when you started showing me all those reminders of shopping sites I had visited.  Or when you started stalking me with that constant "how are you feeling?" thing.  But now?  Well, now you're not so fun anymore.  My news feed has become just that . . . a NEWS feed.  And I'm tired of news right now.  And some of your news isn't even REAL.

I'm tired of your algorithms and your prying, so I've decided to take a break.  I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.  I hope we can still be friends.


Representative Fred Upton
Michigan 6th District

Dear Fred,

Just want to put you on notice:  You're going to be hearing from me on regular basis.  I have opinions, and I want to share them with you.  I know you're a republican, but you're one of the more bi-partisan kinds of republicans.  In theory, at least.  Because, in the end, you do tend to tow the party line most all the time.  (Just sayin.)  I'm proud of you, though, because you were very public in NOT supporting or endorsing you-know-who.  I'm hoping you will continue to be reasonable about what's best for our country (the WHOLE country) (as in all of us) as we move forward.



Dear daffodils and crocus of my garden,

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you're WAY early to the spring party!  Yeah, I know.  The weather has been really weird lately.  I know you're confused.  But, you are way off this year.  And I think you're going to regret it come Saturday.  When the temperature is going to plunge and snow is in the forecast.  So, let's just hold off for a few more months, okay?


Dear Postcrossing,

It's been weeks since I've sent any postcards, I know.  And this is really not very like me at all.  Usually, I have multiple cards out there -- traveling the world -- at any given time.  But now?  Well, what do I even say?  Hello.  My name is Kym and I live in the US and I'm really sorry?  My heart is maybe just too broken to send international postcards right now.  But I'll be back.


Dear family,

I am so pleased that I don't have to set up any political rules of engagement for the Thanksgiving dinner table.  Because we're all in the same boat.  And even though it doesn't feel very good right now, the fact that we're all in the boat together makes me feel pretty good.


And that's it for the mailbag this time!  Enjoy your weekend.


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I have the same issues with fb; I've hidden so many people and posts that all I've got left is Justin's ex-girlfriend and a few sensible people. My bulbs have been getting more and more off-kilter over the last several years and I can only blame global warming for not providing the prolonged cold they need. But on a happier note, I'm so glad your Thanksgiving table will be a peaceful and loving oasis. Pretty good, indeed!

Cheryl S.

I hear you on FB. I installed an add-on called "Social Fixer" that not only eliminates most of the "Sponsored/Suggested Posts", but also a lot of the election stuff. It can also rearrange the posts to "most recent first" instead of Top Stories. But it's only good on my desktop computer, not my phone. And even then, there's still too much stuff I don't want to see or read. I may give up on it too, for a while.

I've had some narcissus blooming in the front yard for about a month. The other day I noticed that some of the tiny dwarf iris are blooming, too. It finally snowed a little yesterday, but we still haven't had a hard freeze.


I'm with you on FB! So much coming through the feed that I don't care one lick about. 77,000 reminders that I looked at that red top at Talbot's, and JACK AND JILL HAVE BEEN FRIENDS FOR 6 YEARS. Ugh. Here's to Friday and the weekend and anticipating the arrival of our kids! xo


I scroll through the news feed in facebook pretty quickly these days. I have noticed that it's lightening up again and I'm hopeful that soon people will just post photos of what they ate for dinner. Writing to your representatives is SO important. Good for you.


Taking a break from FB is a very good idea for most of us. I whittled my feed down considerable and only read things about cute puppies. :) I have 18 postcards traveling and it can be days (and days) before I get a postcard. Postcrossing is a fun way to represent who we REALLY are as Americans. I can only imagine what Jason Chaffetz would say if I wrote to him. (He's such an ....*!)


Oh, man, RIDICULOUS weather!! It is going to be harsh tomorrow, with at least 30 degrees difference from the past few.


I agree with you about the FB issues and taking a break is what is best for me right now. My sister is political science professor and we usually enjoy a good political discussion, but we have some family coming to dinner who may hold different views, so we have asked that we not discuss politics over dinner. Hope you have a great weekend!


So many things to react to. I remain depressed over the election results and still have moments of denial! It's hard watching all the bozos appointed to high level positions. Thanks for the reminder to keep our voices in use to remind our politicians that more than half old us voters support progressive values!


The very best letter is the one to your family and it makes me have hope! Oh, and this weather - INSANE! My holly bush is blooming again. It really is such a sad thing! Oh, and I read on FB from a very reliable source that calling your representatives and senators are much more effective than writing them. They actually have to answer phone calls! All my elected officials are now on "speed dial" in my phone - and they will hear from me regularly. The link was in the Million Women's March threads. I will find it and email it to you - it comes complete with scripts!


So agree about Facebook! I try so hard not to look any more. I even thought about giving it up completely. The reason I joined was to stay in touch with the activities of my daughters. They hardly ever post.
I do believe I have one or two guest for Thanksgiving who are a bit astray politically. I'm banning political discussions!


That is quite a mail bag! Very fun.


I'm more glad than ever that I'm not on FB - can't imagine what it must be like these days! and Marc just said it's snowing in Kalamazoo - hope those early spring shoots read your letter yesterday and went back underground :-) happy weekend!!


Both sons are in the same political boat as Smokey and I, although that doesn't necessarily mean we all agree on everything. It does mean -- to me, at least -- that we raised them right: to be helpful to those who need help, to work for the right, and (especially ES) to speak truth to power.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

So with you on FB. I just spin through it fast and maybe watch a funny animal post. I'm going to use my extra time to call or write representatives. ugh. My problem is not even knowing where to start about what I want them to act on. and what's wrong.

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