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Forty Shades of Green


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On our train tour of County Wicklow, my sister and I discovered that Ireland does, indeed, have forty shades of green!


Seriously.  Green.


After our tour of the Avoca Mill, we traveled on through County Wicklow, stopping at the Meeting of the Waters, where the Avenmore and Avenbeg Rivers meet before heading out to the sea as the Avoca River.


It's a beautiful and peaceful spot, and a favorite for family gatherings and picnics.


Next, we visited the Wicklow Mountains National Park.


And then the Glendalough Monastic City.


At the gates to the Monastic City, a woman was playing the Uilleann pipes -- and the music was haunting and lovely -- perfect for the site.


This was truly the stuff travel brochures are made of!


So beautiful.  A bit haunting.  And so very green!


After such a magical, mystical day, it was rather jarring to take the train back to Dublin at the end of the afternoon -- where (of course) we promptly got lost straight out of the train station (but found our way quickly and without much turmoil).

Forty shades, indeed!



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All the green is simply gorgeous, as is that cemetery. I've spent 15 minutes enlarging photos to better appreciate and marvel at the stones, ferns, lichens, and endless green. Thanks for sharing!


There is something surreal listening to Johnny Cash sing while looking at photos of Ireland! However, your photos do incredible justice to the 40 shades of green! Stunning! What a fantastic trip! XO


What a wonderful trip that has been! (For us too!) And the green...yeah. I think I need to see it again soon. I love that last shot!


The landscapes are so lush. I am green with envy!


I feel like I keep saying this but your photos are wonderful and make me feel like I was right there with you guys.


This is the way Ireland looks in my mind. Thank you for sharing the green. I've never hear of Uilleann pipes and had to look it up. Sort of a "duh" moment. lol


So beautiful! I love those old cemeteries and tombstones.


What a lovely landscape - it's hard to imagine forty shades of green, so I'm really glad you have so many photos to illustrate! I especially love the old stone (I'm guess there might be forty shades of gray, there, too? ;-) with the green. Makes me want to knit something green and gray!

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