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Desperately Seeking Balance


Nothing is permanent.
Everything is subject to change.
Being is always becoming.

                          ----  Buddha



Like many of you, I have been profoundly disturbed since last Tuesday night.  My mind is a swirl . . . What's going to happen?  What's the latest news?  What can we do?  

Swirling.  Swirling.  Always swirling.

Around and around and around.

And, of course, my own regular life is still happening, too. 

So I'm swirling about  . . . first amendment rights and my concerns over the Paris Agreement while also creating the slide show for my mom's memorial service and planning Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm managing preparations for a house full of guests while I also come to grips with having an ill-prepared and inexperienced flim-flam man as President.  I'm sad and worried about the future of my country . . . at the same time I'm excited to see my family and wanting to honor my mom with a meaningful memorial service.

I am . . . completely overwhelmed and desperately seeking balance!

Last night, I went to yoga.  I almost didn't . . . but I made myself leave the house and go.  Once I got there, I knew it was the right place for me.  Comfortable space; welcoming environment; stretching and bending.  

During the balance portion of the class, my yoga teacher talked a bit about the importance of finding balance in the midst of challenging times.  She reminded us that when we're overwhelmed, we need to find our core - our center.  She also reminded us that the sun will rise again tomorrow, and it will bring a new day.

I really needed to hear those words.

So, yes.  

I do want to raise my voice and make a difference.  But . . . I also need to take care of my family.  

I need to be informed.  But . . .  I also need to shut off the hype.  

I know the world has changed.  But . . . I also need to hold on to what I value in my heart.

Nothing is permanent.

Everything is subject to change.

Being is always becoming.

And . . . BALANCE . . . is key.



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Oh Kym, you have spoken my heart this morning. And reminded me that I must get back to my yoga practice! I think I am missing that time of the long, slow stretch to counterbalance the spinning and swirling of the current political climate. I will be thinking of you as I am getting my own home ready for guests next week.


Sometimes, all you need is a reminder. Everything doesn't need to happen all at once, even if it might feel that way.

I hope you can balance things so you can actually enjoy them or feel that it was a job well done. :-)


These words have been my mantra of late - swirling and scary seem to be winning out on hopeful. My meditations help - but I need more meditation. I do not know if "no news" is the answer for me - I feel like I am somehow being ostrich-like. Anyway - you are so right, yoga is important - centering self and mind. The best thing to combat the chaos and loosen the hope.


Breathing and balance. I rarely speak about politics but last night I was telling Doug that I am scared to death. So I'll keep breathing and working on my core...physically and spiritually!


Wise, wise, wise. Thanks for sharing... I've been struggling and this sure helps. "Being is always becoming." Love that.


I have also had to search for balance. For me that has involved much reading, knitting, and plenty of physical activity when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Life does go on, and for that to happen you have to do what the steward tells you - secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.


Vicki spoke for me. Thank you for your posts (they're very helpful) as we all continue to search for balance.


YES. This is exactly what I've also been coming to terms with. My father-in-law is 90 years old and has seen lots of changes in his lifetime and he said last week, presidents come and go but our daily life, family and meaningful work is what matters. He's generally right about stuff so I'm going to side with him on this one.


:) Kind of like the Methodists...moderation in all things.


I've decided to temper my usual news habits and focus on the now. Right now. "Being is always becoming." So well said, Kym.


Love your quote above. Thanks for sharing it. <3


It is definitely challenging to keep one's balance, especially after eight years of a class act first family. My brother is convinced that we will see an impeachment very soon! My heart is with you as you face so many challenges.


such wise words - finding balance has always been my biggest challenge. and that was before all this happened! hoping the peace and love with your family over the next week helps you find that balance. hugs!


This quote truly speaks to me. I'm blessed to have a fabulous yoga studio. Since the election, the teachers have geared their classes toward redirecting our energy toward finding balance. They have been encouraging inclusivity without getting too preachy. So helpful!


Nicely said.

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