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The dogs and I go for a walk every day.  Right now, this is our usual view.


Leaf piles collected at the side of the road, waiting for city pick-up.

My dogs ... oh, how they love the leaves!  They like to smell them and dive into them and poop in them.  Such a seasonal delight!

But every once in a while . . . we stumble into something that is almost Too Much to Believe.


A pile of leaves . . . 

shoulder-height . . . 

and a block long.


Some perspective?


Regular-sized lab dogs next to giant-sized leaf piles!

And the pile goes on and on and on.


I'm so glad these weren't my leaves to deal with!


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Wow! I have leaves but thankfully we mulch into the lawn and blow into the woods.


We are lucky to have a lot of trees, but that also means a lot of leaves. After we mulch the garden with them, we've still had some pretty big leaf piles, but nothing like that monster. I hope their trees are bare now!


Yikes! And I thought I had too many leaves to deal with!


That's a lot of leaves! And it would be so fun to jump in!


The mother lode of leafage! And, I am with you - thank heavens that is not my leaf pile!


You have probably seen the Husky who jumps into a huge pile of leaves, gets totally buried, then pops out like a stripper from a cake! I hope your pups had some leafy fun.


That's an incredible pile of leaves! Wow!


I have never seen a pile of leaves even close to that! The color is as amazing as the pile! Hope a big wind doesn't come along before they're cleaned up.


Wow. Me, too!!!


Whoa! I've seen piles around here that swallow Holly, but ... whoa!

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